Summary of Gov. Northam’s COVID-19 briefing: June 11, 2020

 RICHMOND (June 11, 2020 – 7:04 pm)—FORWARD VIRGINIA PLAN: Phase Two – Began for most of Virginia Friday, June 5 

• Northern Virginia and Richmond will go into Phase 2 this Friday, June 12. 

• Virginia will stay in Phase 2 for a minimum of two weeks to allow for adequate data observation. 


• While other states have seen spikes in case numbers in the past week, Virginia’s metrics continue to trend downward. 

• Total cases have been trending downward in Virginia since the end of May.

o The number of deaths from COVID-19 has also started to trend downward over the last several weeks. 

• Percent positivity of tests is continuing to decrease, with the rate dropping to 8.9% this week.

o At Virginia’s peak, percent positivity was well over 20%. 

• Governor Northam reminds Virginians that, despite the encouraging numbers, the virus is “still with us” and everyone must continue to behave cautiously in order to stay on this path. 

• Addressing those attending protests across Virginia, Governor Northam encourages the use of face coverings at all times and testing after attending a protest. 


• Total cases: 52,647 

• Total deaths: 1,520 


• Revenues are about 20% below where they were in May of 2019.

o This is slightly better than was anticipated at the end of March. 

• The fiscal year ends June 30.

o It was estimated that Virginia’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 would be $1 billion below the (pre-pandemic) projected revenue. 

o Currently, Virginia’s revenue is $800 million below the projected revenue. 

• The Governor will schedule a special session sometime in July to create a new budget.

o This is a necessity since tax payments have been delayed until June. 

o The special session will come after the re-forecasting of the budget. 


• May begin to open campuses and offer in-person instruction. 

• Must meet certain public health conditions to re-open o Ensure positive trends in public health data 

o Community must have adequate healthcare capacity in the event of a surge in cases 

• Institutions must submit comprehensive reopening plans to the State Council of Private Education 

o Plans must be based upon the best available public health data, and VDH and CDC guidelines. 

o Plans will include steps for increased social distancing, cleaning, and hygiene measures. 

• The VDH offers testing guidance specified for institutions of higher education, which is available to all institutions in Virginia. 

• Guidance for re-opening applies to all institutions, both public and private. 

• While each institution has the ability to create their re-opening plan to best serve their unique needs, each plan, at minimum, must address the following considerations:

o Repopulation of campus, and travel off campus for breaks or necessitated removal of students from campus. 

o Monitoring of health conditions to quickly detect appearance of the virus 

o Containment to prevent spread of the virus when detected 

o Shutdown considerations if necessitated by severe conditions or public health guidance 

• Institutions are encouraged to update their plans as more information becomes available.

o Specifically in the areas of testing and contact tracing. 


• The Richmond City Council has agreed to remove the other Confederate statues from Monument Avenue, along with the Robert E. Lee statue, which belongs to the state. 

• Governor Northam’s new Commission to Examine Racial Inequity in Virginia law will continue to work to find and remove language in Virginia laws that perpetuate inequity in our state.

o They will focus specifically on public safety, criminal justice, health, housing and voting. 

o They hope to have a report by November 15, 2020. 

Next briefing: Tuesday, June 16 at 2:00PM. 

NOTE: This is an informal and timely summary of the Governor’s live press briefing. To access recordings of the briefings, visit To access the Governor’s official news releases, visit

Prepared by Commonwealth Strategy Group for the Virginia Press Association.

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