Alison Duvall

Alison is our Sales Manager. She loves her kids, grandkids and horses and works out of Front Royal.

You can call or text Alison at 540-551-2072

Email Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com

Pam Cole

Pam is our wonderful Billing Director. She tries her best to keep us all organized. It’s a constant battle!

Email Pam at billing@warrencountyreport.com

Carol Ballard

Carol is our Managing Editor. She loves reporting on interesting local people, places and things.

You can call or text Carol at 540-551-0644

Email Carol at carol@areaguides.com

Kevin Engle

Kevin is a Humor Columnist and author.

Email Kevin at kevinengle456@comcast.net

Or better yet, buy Kevin’s book, The Best of Engle’s Angle at a local store or at Amazon!

Mark Gunderman

Mark is a retired defense contractor who delights in residing west of the Blue Ridge. He has a reverence for church, nature and the Shenandoah Valley’s prolific history.

Email Mark at gunderman2001@aol.com

Dan McDermott

Dan is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (which sounds much more glamorous than it is!)

Email Dan at dan@wfcreport.com

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