The Rappahannock/Shenandoah/Warren County Regional Jail north of Front Royal, Virginia. (Facebook)

2nd RSW inmate tests positive, “several additional suspected cases”

By Dan McDermott

WARREN COUNTY, VA (May 23, 2020)—Officials at RSW Regional Jail received word late last night that a second inmate has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a release from Superintendent Russ Gilkison.

Officials had previously reported that an inmate was admitted Tuesday, May 19 who had stated he may have been exposed to the virus a week prior. That inmate, who had a cough, was screened and tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

Officials say both inmates are being isolated away from other inmates.

“Several other suspected cases” are now being reported and those inmates are being housed in one unit, according to the release.

“This morning, the RSW command staff and Director of Nursing had a teleconference with the Virginia Department of Health, who are providing direction as we move forward. We are working with the VDH and following their recommendations for the proper way to monitor, treat, and test any suspected cases. Today, VDH will be testing several inmates and sending away to the state lab for the results,” it states.

Gilkison said that every inmate has been provided with a mask and that all staff members have proper personal protective gear. “Every possible precaution is being taken and we have scheduled cleaning several times every day throughout the building,” he said.

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