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Front Royal’s National Day of Prayer event moves online May 7


  • For all in America to gather in unity in prayer
  • To plead for God’s mercy on our Nation and the world
  • For all citizens to repent before God for our errant ways – as a nation and as individuals
  • To acknowledge that God is sovereign and is in total control

Join the nation on Thursday, May 7th from 8 to 10 pm EDT at www.nationaldayofprayer.org

This broadcast, coordinated by Kathy Branzell, will offer music and prayer, featuring Robert Morris, Michael K Smith, Will Graham, Nick Hall, Gabrielle Odom, Billy Wilson, Harry Jackson, Andrew Palau, Blair Linne, Jim Cymbala, among others.

For the last 19 years, Front Royal has hosted a community National Day of Prayer community service at the Gazebo  on Main Street. This service was always held on the first Thursday in May, presenting special speakers, music and prayers for the nation, state, county, town, as well as government, first responders, schools, churches  and citizens of our community.

This year, as we all know, is different in every aspect of our lives, and this event is no exception.  We are unable to offer a community gathering to celebrate this unifying event.  HOWEVER, we can offer an alternative for those who which to honor this National Day of Prayer by participate in a virtual celebration Thursday, May 7th from 8 to 10 pm.. You can go to www.nationaldayofprayer.org where a live-stream link is located, and to other platforms to watch this event.

The National Day of Prayer is a day designated by the United States Congress as a day when the nations people are asked to gather together to pray, especially for our country, its people and its leaders. The designation of the first Thursday of May to be the annual recurring date for the National Day of Prayer was established by Ronald Reagan in 1988.

The Front Royal National Day of Prayer community service was first organized in 2001 by several local Christians.  Led by Denni Giovinazzo, assisted by Cherie Ray and David Lingebach, they considered it essential that the diversified Christian community come together to pray, believing that there is much spiritual strength in the local churches gathering as a unified body.

“Only God can bring the kind of change our country needs. It’s up to those who believe in Him to come together to ask for His mercy and grace.  And we consider it an honor to serve in this way.”

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