Commerce Ave. fire

Updated: Electrical Cause of Structure Fire in Front Royal

Warren County Fire and Rescue fire investigators have labeled the cause of the 3 Alarm Fire in Front Royal last Thursday evening as an electrical malfunction of a cordless power tool charger. The charger was located on a first floor work bench where the storage of lacquers and paint, etc was also present. The fire extended from this work room into the storage area on the first floor, as well as into the second floor. Heavy smoke was coming from all windows and the roof upon arrival of fire units. Heavy fire load of wood furniture and woodworking products contributed to the spread of the fire. Fire units from Warren County, as well as Shenandoah, Frederick and Clarke counties assisted.

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  1. while navigating the detour around this fire last night, I was amazed at the number of disas-tourists who showed up to view the fire! Pick up trucks wheeling backwards, against traffic, and in all directions through the gazebo parking lot, etc. What entertainment.

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