An interview with Del. Clay Athey

Dan McDermott sits down with Virginia General Assembly Delegate Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr., a Republican who since 2002 has represented Front Royal and Warren County, Warrenton and northern Fauquier County and the southern part of Frederick County, including the towns of Middletown and Stephens City. Del. Athey is Vice Chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee and is a member of three other committees: Health Welfare and Institutions, Militia Police and Public Safety, and Education. Previously, Athey served 4 years on Front Royal’s town council and one 2-year term as Front Royal Mayor.

Monday-Part 1: Elections and Illegal Gambling

Del. Athey explains what “Crossover Week” means in the Virginia General Assembly. He also discusses two of the bills he feels are important this year. The first would require localities to fill vacated seats with a special election. This bill came about when then Attorney General Robert McDonnel issued an opinion that Front Royal Town Councilman Shae Parker could not vote on certain fiscal issues because he was not elected but rather was appointed by council to fill the unexpired term of Eugene Tewalt, who resigned to become mayor.

Del. Athey also discusses his bill to ban a type of game that he says is exploiting a loophole and is in essence all-but-illegal gambling.

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Tuesday-Part 2: Urban Development and Warren County’s North Corridor Lawsuit

Del. Athey discusses Urban Development legislation to encourage denser development within towns and cities and discourage “seas of housing” in rural areas.

Athey also discusses a recent ruling by Circuit Court Judge Dennis Hupp that said Front Royal was illegally taxing businesses in the north corridor of Warren County.

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Wednesday-Part 3: Should we close state parks?

Del. Athey says he does not support Gov. Robert McDonnell’s plan to close state parks and says it would not save money because they are profitable.

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Thursday-Part 4: Should Virginia privatize liquor sales?

Del. Athey says he favors moving to a franchise system that would limit the number of stores and would require that only Virginians own them.

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Friday-Part 5: Should Toyota officials be put in jail?

Del. Athey says he owns a Toyota van and is concerned about its safety. He also said it wouldn’t surprise him if Toyota officials knowingly committed acts that could lead to criminal prosecution.

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  1. Dan

    first thing first. Not every exit has services for truck drivers such as bathrooms and parking for them to get off the road when they are tired and need to take a break. Just beacause there are large parking lots off the exit doesn’t necesarily mean truckers can park on them. Opening the Truck stops mean safer driver conditions. Less truckers who are falling asleep at the wheel means less tragic accidents involving truck drivers. I am not speaking from a 4 wheeler’s experience but as a former truck driver.

    Second thing:

    Delegate Athey talks about how we cannot raise taxes on the citizens of the Commonwealth right now due to the economic situation. He is correct. However there are problems with that situation. The State can cut funding and has cut funding that would normally go to localities such as Front Royal and Warren County. Delegate Athey insists that “We can’t add addtional taxes”. He very passionately says “we can’t raise taxes on the citizens.” However the cuts made on the state level trickle down to the Local level leaving the Towns and Counties having to deal with the shortfal. Where do they turn? Right to the Tax Payers and raise Real Estate Taxes and Personal Property Taxes. So taxes will be raised. Just not at the State Level. My question is this. Why didn’t you press him on that issue? Instead you go back on your tangent on the rest stop issue. My advice to you is press with the really hard questions and leave the Truckers alone. They are the ones who deliver the outside world to us in the way of goods and products that the citizens of Front Royal buy. Press Delegate Athey on the the local tax issues and how unfair it is that the local Governments are left holding the bag after the State Government has cut funding to the Local Government.

    Delegate Athey is wrong. Taxes will be raised. The only difference is this. He can say “Well the State didn’t have to raise taxes this year.” Local Governments will not be able to say the same. So if Local Governments have to raise taxes they should instruct their citizens to look towards the state for their answers.


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