Don’t leave gloves, mask in shopping cart – union

By Dan McDermott

WASHINGTON D.C., APRIL 26, 2020 — The country’s largest food and retail workers union today launched a media campaign asking shoppers to take precautions when shopping for groceries.

The three major steps shoppers can take are:

  • Always wear a mask or face covering when shopping. If you don’t have a mask, learn how to make one at
  • Respect social distancing at all times. Stay 6 feet apart from workers and other customers.
  • Discard used masks and gloves safely. Please don’t leave used masks or gloves in a shopping cart or anywhere else – throw them away in the trash.

In a release, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union President Marc Perrone said, “To keep our grocery workers safe and grocery stores open for all, it is essential that Americans #ShopSmart and take easy steps to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. All we are asking is that shoppers take these easy safety steps – beginning with always wearing a mask – to help protect these essential grocery workers and make sure that grocery stores continue to be open and a safe place to shop for all of our families. Working together, we can do this, but only if all Americans realize the power that each of us has to fight this virus.”

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