House-arrest inmate charged with attempted murder

Victim in Apple Mountain Road stabbing identified as suspect’s wife

By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report

On August 14, 2012 at 5:47 p.m. the Warren County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call advising of a stabbing in progress at the school bus stop, pull-off area at the entrance to the Apple Mountain Subdivision on Apple Mountain Road. When deputies arrived on scene they found bystanders treating a white female who had multiple stab wounds.

In a WCSO press release the following day, the female victim was identified as Lakisha Henry, 33 years of age, with the last known address of 90 Rambo Court, Linden, VA. Deputies also located the suspect, identified as Ricky Brian Henry, white male, 32, and the husband of the victim, who was subdued by bystanders at the scene.

Lakisha Henry was treated at the scene by medical personnel. She was then transferred by helicopter to INOVA Hospital in Fairfax where she was still in Intensive Care, listed in critical condition the day after the attack. Mrs. Henry suffered numerous stab wounds to her entire body, the WCSO press release reported.

Initial information received by this reporter indicated the victim was putting children into a van at the Apple Mountain Road bus stop/pull over at the time she was attacked by her husband; and that Ricky Henry was subdued at the scene by three males present at the time of the attack.

Ricky Henry was taken into custody by the deputies on scene “without incident,” the Aug. 15 press release reported. Ricky Henry’s “last known address” was also reported as 90 Rambo Court, Linden, VA.

According to Sheriff Daniel McEathron, Henry was serving a sentence on drug related charges and was in the Warren County Jail’s Work Release Home Electronic Monitoring Program at the time of the attack. It was not immediately clear if either or both the assailant and victim were currently utilizing the Rambo Court home address at the time of the attack.

Ricky Henry was transported to Warren Memorial Hospital and was treated for minor injuries he suffered during the incident. Henry was released from the hospital and transported to the Warren County Jail where he was served two arrest warrants: one for attempted first degree murder and the other for aggravated malicious wounding of Lakisha Henry.

Ricky Henry is being held without bond on both charges and his next court date is set for August 17, 2012 at 10 a.m. in Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court.


  1. I can only hope he is not presented before Judge (“suspended”) Hupp who has now suspended fines and jail sentences for two defendants that I have been victimized by; one for a dog attack which the man showed no remorse for and clearly lied about when questioned; a large amount of his original fine was suspended. Timothy Michael Jenkins who was charged with 10 counts of robbery, who received only 4 years for two of the counts and the remainder of the 8 counts at 2 years on each count was suspended. I looked at his history of offenses and he should have been tried as a habitual offender rather than having most of his time suspended. What a joke!

  2. ricky snitched to get away for the second time on having more then five pounds of pot .. i reckon you can get away with anything in warren county if your willing to put your friends in jail for a reduced sentence time and time again!!!!

  3. Noname- I would like to know that as well. Why was this man out on work release? I’ve seen his criminal record, search the Virginia court case information site, its public information. Apparently he was deemed fit for work release by someone. They should have their job taken away.

    Does anyone remember some years back a shooting at the low water bridge, where someone was shot and killed at 9pm at night? Tyree Lathon was a *trustee* at the warren county jail, shot and killed while an inmate of the county. Looks like the same good ol boy network is still in effect in Front Royal. Let the junkies snitch, let the wife beaters on work release, and give lenient sentences to sex offenders. The system needs an overhaul.

    A young woman’s life was almost taken by this repeat offending, lowlife degenerate, in front of her children, in the middle of the day. How do you think her life will be after this? How do you think her children will cope with the memories of this attack? Think about that.

    • Wow! I have been in Warren County since 2006. I did not realize nor did I know of the lawlessness and misplaced findings of the Warren County Judiciary!

      The “work released” animals are cut-free into our rural, god fearing communities by county’s judges, retiring, retired or otherwise dis-interested in our community. Raping our women, pillaging the innocent, taking property from others, or “creating the capital of home cooked drugs”, Warren County is the real deal!

      An “inmate” of the county “shooting” someone shows a disregard for civil law and order and a “lack of institutional control”! I am sorry for your loss! I will help, if I can!

      This “alleged” daylight attack (smile if you can) was enabled by Warren County’s finest “drug dealer supporting Judges!” Nearly cutting off the head of his baby’s mother, where was justice? The rule of law? Why? It cannot be explained!

      Ricky Brian Douche bag and his parents; what do the (parents) think? I bet $1,000 you’ll hear a how your spawn was mis-treated, not by you but by the “world/society”. We could ask? Was poor Brian ignored?

      Doesn’t this broad day light attack, aahhhem, tell you the alleged dug dealer, really “planned” his actions? His/their kids were there. In day-light.

      If Warren Co, and the state of Virginia doesn’t put this cretan to death…Yikes!

      Go concealed carry! This peace of snot wouldn’t be costing tax payers a dime!

  4. i thought work release was for ppl with minor crimes not someone who had two five gallon buckets pot!!! looks like that douche was working for the finest protection agianst the law that there is or very own police department…

  5. I didn’t know that two five gallon buckets of weed was a violent offense.. So just because he was in possession of a years worth of weed doesn’t alert the sheriff’s department to believe him to be VIOLENT. So cut them some slack. As for his parents and family, they’re well known and respected citizens of this community, just because HE did something doesn’t make THEM bad people. Ricky wasn’t ignored as a child and without all the details who should be throwing the first stone? Definitely not me because I know I am not without my own problems and demons like everyone else in this F’d up world.

  6. Sinner- he has an assault and battery charge, statutory burglary charges,multiple driving offenses, and the distribution charge is a felony. No, not a violent crime against another person, but a FELONY. He had no business being on work release. Period.

    Cut them some slack? Is that what you would say if this were your mother, sister, daughter or wife?

    The line needs to be drawn. I think a woman nearly being stabbed to death in front of her children in broad daylight is a good line to draw, wouldn’t you say?

    I don’t care how well ‘respected ‘ his family is, and I dont care to even delve into why he tried to murder this woman. That is of no consequence. All I know is that he did it, and if she recovers, her life, her children’s lives and those around them will never be the same.

  7. Im sure I read sinner’s statement of “cut them some slack” as “them” being the sheriff’s office. Ricky’s Dad owns Rick’s automotive on Royal Ave. Parents arent always responsible for what their GROWN children do. They probably fell just like you would if it was your child who did it. What one individual does, is his own decision. Something snapped inside him, and it could easily happen to one of you. I believe he should get prison for life, but Im not the judge or the jury. As for work release, anyone who’s charge is only a misdemeanor can apply and be approved for it. That’s just a money making program, not made to protect anyone. I could care less if you dont like what I say. Life carries on. He isnt the first person to do this, nor will he be the last. And heck no, I dont approve of any of it…

    • Oh and by the way Brian Ricky Henrey hes not mentally ill just very selfish un caring indivisul also with no conscious but for himself only As far as what happens to him God will take care of him!!!!!!

  8. This man was also responcilbe for the death of my son by lieing to the police about what really transpired. The real truth. When it came time to tell the real truth. He said he knew nothing and my son and x husband whom helped him through thick and thin made sure he always had a job from the age 16 my son always helped Ricky always made sure he had work and money for his family but that wasn’t good enough for him he wanted more always never could even try to live a honest or decent life so he sold drugs And manipulated my son to the same My Joshua was a very loving giving and very caring person especially to his friends hed give his last little bit of money for gas . ect, ect to his friends All Ill say as I end is you people better keep praying for forgivness for your involvement and being responsible for his un timely Death, little by little you all our facing your demons. Jason Tittle, Rhonda Tittle, Forest Mccalaug And MR, Ricky Henrey…. Joshs MOM,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………..

  9. I used to live with him and Keisha, and their 2 kids, KL and Kay, They were great. We still takk to Keisha, she is doing fine. Glad Rick went to prison.

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