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Tederick allegations

School officials reply to Tederick allegations
Confidentiality, not subterfuge pointed to for lack of detail on food policy

By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report

After being blasted by local Republican activist Matt Tederick on Feb. 9th for keeping the alleged motivation for a December policy change on the availability of food in the classroom a secret, we asked Warren County School Board Chairman Roy Boyles and Superintendent of Schools Pamela McInnis to reply.

On Feb. 9th in typical style, Tederick accused school officials of dishonesty, a cover up, as well as accusing the school board of rubber stamping a far-reaching legal settlement without adequate public or school board input.

As for any previous silence on the matter of an agreement reached with any parent of any former or current students that Tederick may have been alluding to, McInnis said, “I signed a confidentiality agreement to enter into an early complaint resolution for the complaint filed. I have honored the confidentiality agreement. Mr. Tederick spoke at the February 9, 2012 School Board Meeting during public participation. I will present a report to the Board at its February 23, 2012 work session on the task assigned to me by the Board. The assigned task was to research how the regulation was being applied across the school division and to research how policy JHCF, Student Wellness, is applied across the division.”

School Board Chairman Roy Boyles added that McInnis had the “full support” of the school board. He added that the superintendent did “a good job” of keeping the school board “informed about issues that come up.”

Boyles added that he believed Tederick was asking the school board to do things related to disclosure that “would be in violation” of aspects of the code of conduct that the school board members agreed to in writing at their meeting of Jan. 9.

“I also will not discuss individual student records or personnel files,” Boyles said when questioned about any complaint-based agreements the board or superintendent have signed off on.

“We live in a wonderful country that allows everyone to express their opinion, no matter how misdirected or political it may be. I think Mr. Tederick wants to take us back to the mid 1990’s. I for one don’t want to go back there. Our process works and helps us do what is best for kids,” Boyles added of Tederick’s public lambasting of the board and superintendent.

As reported here last issue, the policy in question prohibits staff at public schools from handing out food as a reward in the classroom and asks parents to “cooperate” by not sending food to school with their children for classroom distribution. The policy was announced in a letter sent to parents from McInnis on Dec. 1st. It has since become the subject of online posts criticizing the public school system and McInnis for “infringing upon the rights” of school children and parents for attempting to limit student access to food in the classroom for celebrations or other events.

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