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  1. This permitting process (described on pages 13-14) reeks of arrogance. Who is the Town to even suggest that they have the right to approve or deny a request to go door-to-door for religious or political purposes?

    Sure, they’ll insist all day long that this type of request would be “automatically approved,” but the fact that they are issuing approval for it at all does not sit well with me.

    What next? Will we be required to obtain approval to display religious or political sentiments on the bumpers of our cars? Never fear, Citizens of Front Royal… that type of activity would also be “automatically approved.”

    I think I will go door to door spreading the news about this attempt of our local government to restrict our freedoms… that is, after I get Steve Burke to sign off on the request. I hope that this would be considered an “automatically approved” scenario.

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