No fun Halloween for teen ‘slingshot’ vandals

By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report

In a press release, perhaps ironically issued on Halloween, Oct. 31st, the Front Royal Police announced charges in the Oct. 13 vandalism spree that left about 70 town homes and vehicles damaged. That press release states in its entirety:

“The Front Royal Police have obtained numerous charges in relation to a vandalism spree which occurred in the town on the evening of Oct. 13. Multiple misdemeanor charges and seven felony charges were obtained against each of the two juveniles who were identified and confessed to the crimes.

“The Front Royal Police Department has worked with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, the Warren County Juvenile Intake Office, the victims, the juveniles, and their parents to come to a possible resolution to this senseless crime. They will be facing over $20,000 in restitution involved in this vandalism spree and the juveniles will have to face many of the charges in court,” stated Richard H. Furr, Chief of Police.

“Good police work by the members of the Front Royal Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division and Patrol Division brought this case to a close quickly, but not before approximately 70 different incidents of vandalism had occurred. This was a senseless crime that not only caused lots of people time and money, but also made many people fearful in the safety of their homes,” added Furr. “The juveniles will be appearing before the Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to answer to these charges.”

Since the court hearings are likely to be closed while the cases are being treated as juvenile offenses, no date for those hearings was given.

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