1. It’s too bad that Michaele was Feelin That Way about Tareq… After All These Years, Where Did Tareq Lose her Love? I know that Anything Is Possible after years of marriage, but When You Love a Woman you Don’t Stop Believin that she will Never Walk Away. Faithfully being Stone In Love isn’t always a guarantee; sometimes you Can’t Tame The Lion. His Open Arms were Too Late… she had already moved on for some new Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.

    It is also a shame that the Journey guy supposedly sent Tariq a picture of his Natural Thing. Either way, all the media exposure has been a real Trial by Fire for the couple. I guess The Party’s Over.

    Who’s Crying Now?

    • I left that comment on the NVD’s website but apparently it must have violate the no-humor clause in the Terms of Use policy, because they never allowed it to be posted.

      Really. The Daily’s staff are a bunch of idiots and Bob Wooten needs to update his hairstyle.

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