Should Va. adopt Arizona-style law on immigration?

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart is pushing for Virginia to adopt an Arizona style law on immigration that would do the following:

– Direct Virginia law enforcement officials to ascertain, in any lawful contact, the legal presence of an individual, when practicable.
– Direct Virginia jails to release illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after serving their sentence.
– Allow law enforcement officials to arrest illegals without warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that the arrest would make them removable from the United States.
– Make it a violation of Virginia law to fail to complete alien registration documents.
– Prohibit cities and counties from preventing law enforcement officials from inquiring about legal presence or preventing them from sharing information with ICE.
– Allow law enforcement officials to break up day laboring operations.
– Prohibit solicitation along all public roads, directed at day labor sites.

What do you think?

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  1. all states should adopt this type of law – our government does not want to enforce the laws so we need to – we should also remove all those in office that took and oath to uphold the laws and don’t.

  2. Hopefully movements are developing throughout the US to adopt such laws and to punish lax enforcement. The US government should be the first to be sued over neglecting it’s duty of enforcing laws already on the books.

    • Prudence, aren’t you one to talk about books? Maybe the US government should take a look at your books!

  3. It’s about time.

    A lot of people I have talked to are surprised at the fact that these things AREN’T already in the code books.

    • Not only that, but doesn’t it make sense that law enforcement should ask for a ‘valid’ ID of some kind when dealing with someone suspected of violating the law? They expect police to deal with or question people without knowing who the are? How foolish is that?

  4. Absolutely we should adopt it. Illegal immigration is just that, ILLEGAL. If no one enforces it, we will be over run. Also, we need a crackdown on those who hire illegal immigrants. Finally, if a U.S. Citizen gives birth in Mexico, that does not make the child a Mexican citizen. We need to stop our policy that if you are here from another country and happen to give birth while you are here, that the child is automatically a citizen. Ridiculous!

    • If this were not a law then none of us would be citizens since our ancestors were all immigrants.

    • Martha, dear….I am a bit surprised at your stance on this issue. You do not appear to be a 100-percent Native American. You DO realize that means your ancestors were once immigrants–and who knows if they were legal or not. You are very luck to have been born in the USA.

  5. “As long as I live, I will never forget that day 21 years ago when I raised my hand and took the oath of citizenship. Do you know how proud I was? I was so proud that I walked around with an American flag around my shoulders all day long.”

  6. have things in Virginia not gotten repressive enough for you all? The McCootchie government already has us looking like the most backward state in the union! I give up–wake me when it’s over.

  7. legal pressence is just that,you are obligated by law to prove you have documantation to be within the boundries of the US,or be subject to arrest.equal enforcement of ALL laws are necesary to avoid collapse of any society or what is the point of being governed.why dont we all just do whatever we plz regardless of legality when those who swear oathes to uphold and protect intentionaly fail to do so

    • Oh, Reen! You encourage others to spell-check, invoking Webster’s name….perhaps you should brush up on your grammar while you are giving advice! (Sentences still do begin with capital letters, don’t they?)

  8. Neither Virginia nor Arizona has the legislative authority to enact or enforce immigration laws. Immigration lies within Federal jurisdiction. If you want the Federal government to step up enforcement of the currently existing laws, you need to contact your representatives and make them aware of your concerns.

  9. Sorry, Felipe, *I* have not been sleeping! I voted against the repressive government, worked for the various Democratic campaigns, and in my youth even went to jail briefly for standing up to “them”.Seems like Virginians are fooled by these people, or just don’t care. Only so much a tired old senior citizen can do.

  10. The new law in Arizona is a huge mistake and a similar law in Prince William County would be the same. Allowing police to stop anyone they suspect of looking illegal is one step from fascism. If my husband and I traveled to Arizona, we’d be glancing over our shoulders nervously the whole time since my husband (born in the U.S.) is dark skinned and has long dark hair. He dresses casually and to some might look like an “illegal.” Laws like this one do little to solve the immigration issue and move the country farther into divisiveness and fear. The also foster the mistaken perception that illegal immigrants are responsible for a higher number of crimes than legal citizens and that they are somehow stealing work from regular citizens. When did the U.S. become so selfish and short-sighted?

    • It has been proven that illegal immigrants have been a huge part of the crime in the USA. This law needs to be adopted by ALL states and the border needs to be closed. They are stealing jobs from us US citizens that need them. We were stopped in Prince William county for a immigrant check point and I thanked the officer for his good work. It needs to be done.

      • Mr. “Adopt the Law” needs to do some honest research. The last comprehensive national report, by Ruben G. Rumbaut, Walter A. Ewing and the American Immigration Law Foundation, found two years ago that while the number of unauthorized Latino immigrants in the country doubled between 1994 and 2005, violent crime during the same period dropped nearly 35 percent.

        Other studies show that the drop fell faster in major illegal immigrant destinations such as Los Angeles and New York than in cities with lower immigration rates. Rumbaut and Ewing reported that U.S-born men ages 18-39 were five times more likely to be in jail than foreign-born ones, even though nearly 30 percent of those foreign-born were here illegally and often jailed for only that offense.

        In California, home to the largest illegal immigrant Latino population, immigrants in 2005 made up about 35 percent of California’s adult population but accounted for only 17 percent of the prison population, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

  11. Immigration Time Bomb Ticking….

    A human time bomb is ready to explode across America, according to Frosty Wooldridge, who maintains that an estimated influx of 100 million more immigrants into this country would create vast hordes of marauders who will do anything to obtain food, wat…

  12. I believe this should be the Law of the Country, not only Virginia and Arizona. Illegals, by definition, are here illegally and they should either become citizens or they should be deported. The American Taxpayers are paying for their benefits (health insurance, unemployment, etc.). Remember, they have broken our laws by entering the country illegally. Make the country legal again – deport the illegals that are breaking our laws.

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