UPDATE 2: Incident at Linden church

The latest from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office:

Warren County Sheriff’s Office reports that Travis Jay Sutherly, age 39, of 1171 Sugar Hill Road, Maurertown, VA, has been formally charged with a class 6 felony for destruction of church property, breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, and violation of a protective order.

The charges are from a barricade incident on June 20, 2010 at Grace Bible Fellowship Church, formerly known as Faith Baptist Church, located at 15 Faith Road in Linden, VA. The investigation of this incident is ongoing.

Sutherly is being held without bond at the Warren County Jail.

Update from office of Warren County, VA Sheriff Daniel McEathron:

On June 20 at approximately 5:40 a.m., Warren County Sheriff’s Office received a call advising of a subject inside Grace Bible Fellowship located on John Marshall Highway in Linden, VA. After deputies arrived at the scene, it was determined that a Travis Jay Sutherly, a 39 year old male of Sugar Hill Road in Maurertown, VA had broken in to the church. The subject had barricaded himself inside. According to Sheriff McEathron, after a long day of communications with the subject via phone, as well as attempts at contact on the scene, Mr. Sutherly exited at 4:30 p.m. and was arrested without incident. He is currently being held at Warren County Jail with the investigation of the incident ongoing. The Sheriff’s office was assisted by the Virginia State Police, Front Royal Police Department, and equipment from Mount Weather Police.

Original post:

Warren County, VA Sheriff's deputies responded when a man allegedly barricaded himself inside a Linden, VA church Sunday, June 20.

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

A man is in custody after allegedly breaking into and barricading himself inside Grace Bible Fellowship, a church near Linden, VA Sunday afternoon. More details are expected within the hour but the rumors you may have heard ranging from ‘the feds’ are raiding a prominent local couple’s house to ‘a guy with an AK-47 is running around High Knob’ are wildly inaccurate.

Several Warren County, VA Sheriff's Office vehicles were parked at the entrance to Mosby's Overlook Estates, where local couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi live. While the two were not involved in the incident, it's proximity to their home drew the attention of locals and national media.

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  1. Now you know times are bad when people start breaking into a church early to attend a service. Or perhaps for Mr. Sutherly this was a good thing that he planned on attending but his intentions were misunderstood.

    • Some of my family attends this church and what happened there was devastating to its members. This man had nothing to do with the church except for the awful crime that was committed there! It could have been worse though and we are all just thankful that no one was hurt physically or worse.

  2. My previous post meant no ill will toward this church nor it’s congregation. It was meant as a bit of sarcasm what with all the liberal political correctness that we are faced with daily. Hence my use of the word “misunderstood”.

    As a fellow Christian I believe the church (generically speaking) is for sinners and Mr. Sutherly may have not entered as he should have, but nevertheless he needs the Lord as much as we all do. Let us not dismiss him as unworthy but instead lift this misguided man up and show real Christian love and compassion. For we all know many in the church who could use a dose of Christian reality and not what passes for mere show.

  3. The Salahis had NOTHING to do with this and yet they still have their name in the paper?! I live up here, and saw everything that day.

  4. I live in PA and was very concerned with what was happeding there, because my son and his family live in Mosby Overlook Estates and my grandauhgter said something about it on facebook. I was very happy to hear that they caught him and nothing more serious came of this.When one of the swat team guys was walking in my son pasture he would not tell my son and daughter-in-law what was going on. I do think that he could have told them some thing so that they could have taken some precaution to the problem.

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