Dog poisoning case closed

On January 21, 2010 the Warren County Sheriff’s Office was called to the residence of Deputy Brad Pugh after he found his retired Sheriff’s Office canine, Logan, staggering and obviously in poor health. Deputy Pugh immediately transported Logan to the Valley Veterinary and Referral Center in Winchester VA for emergency treatment. A test conducted at the veterinary clinic indicated Logan tested positive for Ethylene Glycol (Anti-freeze) poisoning. Deputy Brad Pugh contacted the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and deputies and investigators responded to the scene to investigate the poisoning of Logan. Warren County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officers took possession of three other canines housed in the same kennel: Zeus (personal pet), Miso, (retired Warren County Sheriff’s Office canine), and Ammo, (a current Warren County Sheriff’s Office canine). The dogs were immediately transported to the Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center in Winchester VA to be tested for Ethylene Glycol poisoning. Miso tested “a strong positive”, Zeus tested “a weak positive”, and Ammo tested negative for Ethylene Glycol poisoning. All three dogs were treated for possible Ethylene Glycol poisoning and Logan was euthanized due to his poor medical condition and poor prognosis.

Evidence collected from the kennel by Investigator Chris Williams and Deputy James “Junior” Darr was sent to the Department of General Services Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services in Richmond VA for analysis. Logan was transported to the Warrenton Regional Animal Health Lab, Division of Animal and Food Industry Services, where a Necropsy (animal autopsy) was performed.

All laboratory tests have been completed and the investigation reveals that none of the dogs were poisoned by Ethylene Glycol or any other toxin. The Necropsy revealed that Logan was suffering from chronic kidney disease and liver disease. All of the evidence collected from the kennel was analyzed and the tests came back negative for Ethylene Glycol poisoning or any other toxin.

On behalf of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Daniel McEathron would like to thank the community, media, as well as other local law enforcement agencies, for your support during this investigation.

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