India won’t be at Salahi polo cup


As expected, the Indian embassy says they will not be a part of the highly-touted America’s Polo Cup event next year owned and operated by Tareq and Michaele Salahi. Story from IBN.


  1. We saw that coming from many miles away, eh?

    I’d checked the APC (America’s Polo Cup) site and sent off a note to Land Rover myself. I found it hard to believe they were sponsoring this event. The link leading over to IBN says that Land Rover is NOT sponsoring the APC.

    Got to wonder if ANY of the sponsors or partners are genuine.

    Next prediction:

    Salahis sue Bravo. Bravo sues the Salahis. It’s following along in the Kate and Jon hysterics quite nicely.

    The Salahis already had the equivalent of child protective services visit them, when they ditched their dog. Anyone check into if there is indeed someone named Dana who was to look after the dog, and if Dana had agreed to do that?

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