Limo, dog but no sign of Tareq or Michaele at Salahi house

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

According to one neighbor, news reporters and photographers from all over the country–and a few feds in unmarked SUVs–have steadily streamed past the Linden, VA home of Tareq and Michaele Salahi since The Washington Post broke the story that the reality TV hopefuls were uninvited guests at Tuesday’s White House State Dinner.

On Saturday, the couple’s white stretch limo was parked in the driveway of the house and a dog, presumably Michaele’s doberman Rio, could be heard barking and moving inside the home. A sign near the front door was posted that said “Hi Dana, Thanks for watching the dog. See you after weekend.”

Warren County Sheriff Daniel McEathron said his office had not received any complaints about the couple’s dog but that his office planned to make contact to check on the animal’s welfare.

Tasha Smelser, who has worked at the Salahi family’s Oasis Winery off and on since 2005, described Rio as “very sweet and gentle.”

“I watched him for a week in 2005 when Tareq and Michael went on vacation. If they go to jail I hope I get to keep him,” she said.

The Salahis live on the normally quiet Scenic Overlook Dr., a pavement and gravel road in the 5-home Moseby’s Estates subdivision.

Pausing for a moment while riding on horseback past the Salahis house, homeowners association president Travis Frantz, who has battled his controversial neighbors for years over unpaid association dues, said he hopes the Salahi’s are “not in this community much longer.” Frantz said he has been visited by sheriff’s deputies a few times since he bought his home in 2006 looking to serve papers on the Salahis but said he had not been contacted by the Secret Service.

Frantz said he nor his wife had seen the Salahis since Michaele was spotted at the mailbox with her Audi on Wednesday, the day before the state dinner scandal broke.

Warren County Report first reported that Secret Service agents visited Oasis Winery Friday in search of the couple.

The Salahis have not responded to requests for comment made through their Facebook page which has been active for hours a day since the incident.

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  1. Different house than the one pictured in the print edition of the Warren County Report last month (with the Real Housewives of DC story). But I suppose they could have more than one home.

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