Area woman may be featured on national reality show

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Rumors abound that former model Michaele Salahi, wife of Tareq Salai of Oasis Winery, is being taped for the upcoming Bravo show Real Housewives of D.C., the latest installment of the network’s hit reality TV franchise.

Michaele has a Facebook fan page and tweets but was mum about the Real Housewives speculation in a recent Digital City interview. She did however offer some fashion tips last year to Washingtonian Magazine.

This newspaper and local officials were contacted today by Access Hollywood. Production is currently underway according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Oasis Winery’s home page is announcing a grand re-opening  in 2010 following a feud involving Tareq Salahi, his parents and basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

According to the couple’s Youtube page, their 2002 wedding required 186 Catering Food Servers, 50 Bartenders, 46 Chefs, 30 Fauquier County Police Officers, 4 Virginia State Police Units, 198 Cases of Champagne, the Oasis Yacht, US Marshalls & State Dept. Security, 15 Official photographers, 8 Video crews, One Camera Man standing on a Construction Crane 300 feet above the Cathedral, One Helicopter, 2 US Park Police Mounted Officers and a 6 Horse White Cinderella Chariot

186 Catering Food Servers
36,000 square feet of Tenting including tented hallways to/from every conceivable point at Oasis
50 Bar tenders serving wine from multiple wine bar locations
46 Chefs including sous chefs
30 Fauquier County Police Officers
4 Virginia State Police Units at various points
198 Cases of Champagne Consumed ( including during rehearsal dinner)
Oasis Yacht used to transport guests to the Mt. Vernon Inn ( Home of George Washington) for rehearsal dinner on Mt. Vernon Estates
US Marshalls & State Dept. Security throughout for special guests in attendance not named
15 Official photographers to capture all various moments
8 Video cameras with full film crew/sound team
Two Camera Booms
One Camera Jib on 30 foot crane
One Camera Man standing on a Construction Crane 300 feet above the Cathedral
One Helicopter for pre-filming at Oasis
2 US Park Police Mounted Officers on horseback to control Street flow traffic and stop traffic.
6 Horse White Cinderella Chariot


  1. OMG!!! Front Royal is going to be filmed for Real Housewives… This is so awesome.

    Where & When? How do you become an extra??

    OMG!!! I am so freaking out this is awesome!

  2. It sounds as if that person is almost as excited as I was when I found out you were taking their pictures. I’m really excited for the issue to come out with the pictures in it, thats gonna be a keeper. But, what will be even more exciting is if you’re on the show [LOL].


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