URGENT: PLEASE take TEN SECONDS to support a great local school!

Just Ten seconds: Please vote BEFORE MIDNIGHT FRIDAY for Mountain Laurel Montessori school in Front Royal http://tinyurl.com/lv7as9

Voting has begun! Please go to: http://www.earthdayeverydaychallenge.com/ and click on Mountain Laurel’s video (sign of Mountain Laurel Montessori – 4th school listed) to view our 5-minute video. There is also a link to read our essay. Follow the directions to register your vote and don’t forget to confirm your vote when they send you the confirmation email. We think you’ll be very excited to see all that Mountain Laurel Montessori does to help our little corner of the world. Please vote for us and and urge all your friends to vote, too. Just imagine what our tiny school with a big heart can do with the $20,000 grant!

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