Warren County officially opens new Linden Compactor Site

Warren County has completed the development of the new Linden compactor site. The new compactor site is located approximately ¼ mile west on Route 649 (Dismal Hollow Road) from the former location next to the Apple House. The new site encompasses one acre and includes two compactors, recycling containers and an attendant building.

According to Doug Stanley, County Administrator, the new facility offers a number of improvements including:

  • Safer access for residents
  • Additional room for recycling opportunities
  • Better traffic flow
  • Attendant building with restroom facilities for site attendant

Archie Fox, Chairman of the Board, indicated that, “The new compactor site really turned out nicely and will serve residents of the County for many years to come. I want to thank Larry Andrews for his generosity in donating the land to the County to allow us to make this long awaited improvement. This represents the first of two proposed compactor site upgrades to improve access for our residents.”

Tony Carter, Supervisor for the Happy Creek District, indicated that, “The new compactor site will provide a safe, quick and convenient location for residents to dispose of their trash and recyclables. Thanks to all of the County staff who had a hand in working on the project. ”

According to Dick Magnifico, Deputy County Administrator, “As part of the project, the former compactor location at the Apple House will be cleared and restored. The total cost for the improvements to the site was $711,879.96, which includes design and engineering costs.”

Stanley added that the County Capital Improvement Plan includes the eventual upgrade/replacement of the Route 340/522 compactor in coming years as well. “We have had a real need to expand and modernize these facilities due to the population growth that has occurred. It has taken a number of years to identify and acquire sites and to budget for the funds to make the necessary improvements, but the wait has been worth it for the residents of the area.”

The County would like to take the opportunity to thank the Apple House and Ben Lacy and George McIntyre for leasing the County the location for the past 20 years. The site served the community well until the County ultimately outgrew the site. The County would also like to thank Joyce Engineering and Key Construction for their work on the design and construction of the site.

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