Commissioner of Revenue Smedley on life support


By Roger Bianchini

Warren County Report

At the Aug. 24 press conference introducing Norman Shiflett as the next town police chief, both town and county officials verified that Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue John Smedley is clinging to life following emergency quadruple heart bypass surgery within the past 24 hours.

Town Councilman Hollis Tharpe told us Smedley was on life support following complications believed to have arisen after Smedley came out of surgery.

Happy Creek Supervisor Tony Carter said it was his understanding Smedley had driven himself to the hospital after experiencing chest pains and that the surgery had been conducted at Winchester Medical Center.

No further information was available at this time.


  1. Mr. Smedley has been pronounced dead, but is still on life support because he is an organ donor. just read it on Facebook

    • if he’s on life support, he’s not dead….until he is disconnected… it in a medical journal

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