HLI, Arlington Diocese named in $5.35-mil abuse lawsuit

Facing the issue of moral culpability of corporate, religious superiors

Father Euteneuer representing HLI during 2007 TV appearance.

By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report

A 15-page complaint in a $5.35-million lawsuit alleges six causes of action against Human Life International, the international pro-life advocacy group Father Thomas Euteneuer headed for a decade as president, and the Arlington Catholic Diocese. Included in the complaint are graphic accounts of truly perverse behavior that went on to a great extent, plaintiff Jane Doe contends, under the roof of what is billed as the world’s largest pro-life organization, headquartered in Front Royal, Virginia.

While neither Euteneuer nor his home diocese is named, HLI, its endowment and the Arlington Diocese where plaintiff Jane Doe took her story of over two years of abuse on July 7, 2010, is, along with the diocese’s presiding Bishop Paul S. Loverde and the Arlington Diocese corporate entity.

Euteneuer headed HLI for a decade (2000-2010) and become the highly public face of the anti-abortion, pro-life lobby in the United States and around the world. During that tenure he was under the auspices of the Palm Beach, Florida Diocese.

We contacted Palm Beach Diocese Communications Director Dianne Laubert to ask if the diocese had reached an out-of-court settlement for itself, Father Euteneuer, or both, that might explain their absence as defendants in the Jane Doe lawsuit. Laubert declined comment for the diocese, suggesting we contact the plaintiff’s attorneys for that information. As of July 5, attorneys for Doe declined comment as well.

The main entrance to sprawling HLI headquarters off Shenandoah Shores Road.

Abuse allegations

At the center of the complaint are not only alleged acts of sexual, psychological and spiritual abuse by a perpetrator that could only be described as sexual predator if true, but the negligent complicity of those with direct supervisory control of the priest.

Doe is alleged to have first sought Euteneuer’s spiritual help in late February 2008 and signed a contract offered by the priest for “spiritual ministries” that included travel to HLI headquarters for that ministry.

His treatment and abuse is alleged to have begun within a month and by April 2008 the priest told Jane Doe he had received church authorization to conduct exorcisms on her. The complaint states that with one break in July 2010, that abuse continued at various locations through August-September 2010.

“During the following weeks, during every meeting, Euteneuer became progressively persistent in touching the Plaintiff inappropriately. He kissed the corners of her mouth; stroked her legs, breasts and things, caressed her face; laid his body on top of hers; and frequently explained full, passionate kisses as ‘blowing the Holy Spirit into’ her,” the complaint states. Later abuse included “digital (finger) penetration” of the victim, requests she touch his penis, continued fondling and overnight sleeping in an HLI guest bedroom, the complaint also alleges.

The lawsuit states Human Life International officials were fully aware of their president’s so-called “spiritual ministries” and exorcism rituals conducted within their Front Royal, Virginia, headquarters; and even allowed Jane Doe to be employed there by her alleged abuser in the midst of two-and-a-half years of sexually-tinged “spiritual therapy.”

The $5.35-million lawsuit is filed in the name of Jane Doe in an attempt to keep private the identity of a victim the complaint describes as a vulnerable and psychologically troubled, and now emotionally-scarred woman. The lawsuit filed by Fairfax attorneys Demetry Pikrallidas and Robert T. Hall alleges multiple counts of Assault, Battery, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Entrustment and Negligent Retention resulting from the alleged acts committed by then HLI President Father Thomas Euteneuer. A combined total of $5 million in compensatory and $350,000 in punitive damages is being sought from the defendants by plaintiff Jane Doe.

Palm Beach Diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito recalled Euteneuer from his HLI posting seven weeks after Jane Doe went to Arlington Diocese priest with her allegations of sexual abuse during exorcisms and other spiritual counseling sessions.


Reacting to its being cited as a defendant in Jane Doe’s $5.35 million lawsuit, on June 28 Human Life International issued a press release distancing itself from the alleged sexual abuse the lawsuit says often occurred on its property by the priest then serving as its president.

“To the extent Father Euteneuer has already admitted to engaging in highly inappropriate and gravely sinful conduct with a young adult woman, we can only emphasize that such behavior was never within the scope of his employment with HLI. We intend to vigorously defend HLI from the false accusations made against it, and we are undeterred in pursuing HLI’s mission to build a culture of life and protect the unborn,” the HLI press release of June 28 states.

How a jury requested to hear the lawsuit might react to HLI’s attempt to distance itself from admitted “grave harm” to an adult, post-embryonic person the lawsuit states it eventually employed and set up at a desk directly across from the office of her alleged abuser, remains to be seen.

In fact, Euteneuer is the author of a book on exorcism, “Exorcism and the Church Militant,” published by HLI in June 2010. HLI decided not to reprint any further editions of the book after it sold out shortly after Euteneuer’s recall. At the time, HLI officials indicated there was nothing substantially wrong with the book’s content but decided that promotion of exorcism was not a main focus of the HLI mission.

“It was decided not to reprint the book as HLI no longer had Fr. Euteneuer on hand to promote and explain his book. HLI’s mission has always been to work for a culture of life around the world and confront all who threaten the dignity of the human person,” HLI public information official Adam Cassandra told us on June 5.

Arlington Diocese

Plaintiff attorney Pikrallidas told us the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is included as a defendant because his client went to a diocese official identified as Father Creegan on July 7, 2010 with the story of her abuse as part of the “spiritual ministries” of Father Euteneuer. Euteneuer remained at his HLI post until Aug. 27, 2010, when he was recalled to the Palm Beach Diocese by his Catholic superior, Bishop Gerald Barbarito.

“They knew,” Pikrallidas told us of the Arlington Diocese during that nearly two month lapse when more abuse is alleged to have occurred after a short interlude that July.

However, Arlington Diocese Public Information official Michael Donohue stated diocese records indicate diocese officials contacted the Palm Beach Diocese within two days of Jane Doe bringing her story to them. “The plaintiff did receive psychological and spiritual assistance from the Diocese of Arlington subsequent to informing us about the abuse,” Donohue added.

“Rev. Euteneuer is not and has never been a priest of the Diocese of Arlington. Rev. Euteneuer is a priest of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida, and was an employee of Human Life International (HLI), Inc., an independent corporation. He was working for his employer, HLI, subject to his bishop in the Diocese of Palm Beach, and not in regular ministry in the Diocese of Arlington,” Donohue stated.

While the Arlington Diocese does have a religious official authorized to perform exorcisms, it was never Euteneuer, Donahue said. And while Arlington Diocese authority extends to Warren County and its Catholic Church, St. John’s in Front Royal, Donohue said that despite its religious ties, as an independent corporation, “HLI was not under the direction or control of the Arlington Diocese.”

A statue of the holy family near the entrance to HLI – surely it has wept over lawsuit allegations about the behavior of the former HLI president inside those walls.

Delayed reactions

On Jan. 27, 2011, exactly five months after Euteneuer’s recall to Palm Beach, Warren County Fire & Rescue responded to what was officially reported as a “medical seizure” at HLI’s Shenandoah Shores Road headquarters. However some witnesses had a different perspective, believing the incident to be a manifestation of demonic possession of a woman at chapel that day. From information acquired about the incident, we believe the effected person is the woman identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit.

“I heard from someone who attended that Mass at Front Royal the other day that people were traumatized by what happened – a suddenly screaming, howling, cursing person – and are demanding to know what’s going on,” a Catholic blogger known as Adele told us at the time.

Five days after that incident, on Feb. 1, 2011, amidst an increasingly shrill and sometimes threatening debate in the online Catholic blogosphere over allegations of sexual abuse by Euteneuer against multiple victims of the priest’s spiritual counseling, both Diocese of Palm Beach Bishop Gerald Barbarito and Euteneuer issued statements on the Catholic LifeSiteNews website addressing Euteneuer’s status.

“Father Euteneuer has been undergoing intensive evaluation and counseling to address admitted inappropriate crossing of adult heterosexual boundaries on the occasion of carrying out his priestly ministry,” Bishop Barbarito stated.

In a statement seen as incomplete, insufficiently contrite and oddly aggressive by some, Euteneuer said his sinful lapses of moral judgment were his own and that the great majority of his work while at HLI was “all motivated exclusively by my desire to give priestly assistance to people in great spiritual distress.”

But Euteneuer added in what is included as part of Jane Doe’s $5.35-million lawsuit, “I must acknowledge, however, that one particularly complex situation clouded my judgment and led me to imprudent decisions with harmful consequences, the worst of which was violating the boundaries of chastity with an adult female who was under my spiritual care.”

Following Barbarito and Euteneuer’s public statements of Feb. 1, 2011, Interim HLI President Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula issued a statement referencing the work of two HLI employees and the many hours they had put in “assisting the young woman gravely harmed in this case.”

But was it too little, too late?

Ultimately, an Arlington County Civil Court jury may decide if anyone beyond the perpetrator himself is culpable for acts alleged to have been committed on their watch, and in HLI’s case on their property, in the name of their faith and their God.

The spider & the fly

The complaint states that seven months into her abuse-laden treatment, Euteneuer paid for Jane Doe’s move from Sterling to Front Royal in September 2008. At the same time, acting as president of HLI, Euteneuer hired Doe for contracting services at HLI. On March 25, 2010, Jane Doe was hired as a full-time employee of HLI under circumstances the complaint states “were contrary to HLI corporate policy but were ratified and approved by HLI and HLIE (Human Life International Endowment).”

The complaint continues, “Between Sept. 11, 2008 and June 2010, Euteneuer had numerous deliverance sessions with the Plaintiff during which he sexually abused her during work hours and in various rooms at HLI and HLIE headquarters.”

The complaint states that as his alleged abuses escalated and continued for two-and-a-half years during “exorcisms” and “spiritual deliverance ministries” HLI administrators condoned within their walls, Father Euteneuer understood that Jane Doe was suffering from a psychological “dissociative disorder” and had become “physically, emotionally and spiritually dependent on him,” as well as financially and professionally the complaint adds.

Psychology & Satan

That understanding is further illustrated by the contention Euteneuer later paid thousands of dollars, including travel and housing expenses, for Jane Doe to get psychological treatment from two other sources, one identified as Stephen Oglevie, the other an unnamed psychologist in Florence, Kentucky.

The complaint specifies six instances when Euteneuer paid “thousands of dollars in expenses” between November 2008 and the spring of 2009 for sessions with Oglevie and in August 2009 for five sessions with the unidentified Kentucky psychologist.

A Stephen E. Oglevie is identified online as a central figure in “Satanic Panic” incidents in which unexplained murders in which corpses are discovered in various states of decay are blamed, without evidence, on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Oglevie is also identified as a defendant in a Canadian lawsuit brought by a woman alleging members of Elijah House, including Oglevie, induced her and her children to believe that “satanic cults and witchcraft had penetrated all levels of society,” that she had “500 alternate personalities,” and that “demons posed a present danger” to her and her children.

The website of a British organization (SAFF) opposing the sort of spiritual and psychological “treatments” offered by SRA advocates like Oglevie or exorcisms as offered by Euteneuer, states, “Thousands of people afflicted with Schizophrenia could fall into their clutches and be misdiagnosed as Victims of Satanic Abuse and then suffer mind-bending exorcisms to cure it! Schizophrenia is a terrible and frightening illness, how much more will they suffer with the extra paranoia of thinking their minds are being taken over by Satanists? It is psychotherapeutic Black Magic.”

Blinded by the light

At the time of his August 2010 departure, no mention of the reason for Euteneuer leaving his HLI post was made by any involved party. In fact, it appeared to be business as usual as Euteneuer bid adieu and was lauded as a great spiritual influence upon this community and the world.

“I have been utterly privileged to serve this great mission for a decade, and now I am called back to my diocese to continue my priestly service in parish work, which was the original calling of my vocation,” Euteneuer posted on the HLI website when he left.

Some now silent or expressing distaste for Euteneuer’s alleged behavior had a different perception of the priest when he left HLI and Front Royal on August 27, 2010.

“Father Euteneuer is a very much beloved priest. He will be sorely missed by our local and international community because he has traveled the world over spreading the message of love, life and family. He is an excellent and very holy priest. I hope he comes back to our community often,” Front Royal Town Councilman Tom Sayre was quoted in the Northern Virginia Daily on Aug. 31, 2010. “Some of my fondest memories are playing basketball with Father Euteneuer at Christendom College on men’s night. He brought stability to HLI,” Sayre added.

In that same NVD article, HLI Chaplain Frank Pappa said of Euteneuer, “Marvelous man to work for, amazing gifts. I’m one of his tremendous fans. He has tremendous zeal for the Catholic faith and for the mission of saving life.”

HLI officials were declining any further comment on their former president due to the lawsuit, HLI Communications Specialist Adam Cassandra told us.

“Had I known the truth about Fr. Euteneuer’s disgusting actions I certainly would not have made a positive public statement,” Sayre told us. “As I mentioned to the NV Daily, like many others in the community at the time, I was not privy to any of the circumstances surrounding his departure; I was not involved in, nor had knowledge of his actions as an exorcist, nor how he conducted them. Unfortunately, upon learning of the allegations leveled against Fr. Euteneuer I was very disheartened, angered and disturbed by them. I truly hope that HLI will take the steps necessary to maintain their good works. This is an example of where one person’s wrong actions and decisions affect and harm many.”

Well, we know of at least one living person who appears to have been gravely harmed by the wrong actions either alleged or admitted to by Father Thomas Euteneuer during his tenure as president of Human Life International.



  1. Reading the paper trail of both HLI’s August 2010 press release, in which they thanked and praised Euteneuer for his years of “meritorious service”, and Euteneuer’s good-bye letter, also posted on HLI’s website, also at the end of August 2010 in which he compares himself to a soldier of Christ, practicing the virtue of obedience and returning to his home diocese of Palm Beach to recuperate from his years of being a road-warrior for the pro-life movement, it seems pretty clear HLI has behaved abominably. Fast foward to February 2011, and HLI sends out a press release in which they admit that at the time they had been praising and thanking Euteneuer and posting his letter on their website, they not only knew about the accusations against him but also stated he had admitted to “inappropriate conduct” during exorcisms to them. Yet they participated in painting a picture of a holy priest, exhausted from all his virtuous work, retiring out of obedience to his bishop in Palm Beach. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for the woman he abused as well as her family and friends to have to read the words of HLI in August 2010, knowing that HLI knew full well that this man had been committing heinous acts against a spiritually-distressed woman under the guise of “exorcism”, right on HLI property, under the noses of HLI employees, month after month after month.

    HLI may be anti-abortion, but they certainly have not shown themselves to be anything near pro-life with their behavior during this incident. As a pro-life Catholic, I am horrified and ashamed by what they have participated in and feel that this organization has brought shame upon the entire pro-life movement.

    To Euteneuer’s victim(s), family, and friends: please know there are plenty of Catholics out here who see clearly what game has been played here and are outraged. Those followers of Euteneuer who malign you and re-victimize you online do nothing but bring shame upon themselves by proving how very unchristian they actually are. You have our respect, deepest empathy, and prayers. Thank you for your courage in outing the perversion and predation of Euteneur, as well as the abominable behavior of HLI and the diocese. May you find healing and peace.

  2. It’s shameful that there is such a rush to judgment here – both against HLI and Father Euteneuer. The accuser’s claims have not been validated and remain accusations – not facts.
    HLI was put in a very difficult position and no matter what they did there would be those who found reason to complain about it. It’s not as though they had any previous experience in dealing with such a delicate situation. Before anyone goes accusing them of wrongdoing – consider what you would have done in that same difficult position.
    And to clarify – Father never admitted that any of his violations against chastity occurred during an exorcism. He said he met the woman THROUGH his ministry.
    Much of what she claims is open to debate. One does wonder how a person takes two full years to decide that something “isn’t right”…

  3. It doesn’t surprise me at all that a woman suffering from disassociative disorder could be convinced that she was suffering from possession. It doesn’t surprise me at all that such a woman would place her hope and trust in a priest she believed to be a holy man and would go along with what the holy priest advised her to do, even against her better judgment. When you are mentally distressed and convinced you are possessed of a demon, why would you NOT put your trust in a man everybody around you thought was a man of God? I am not at all surprised that such a woman would let what seems like obviously-bogus and outrageous behavior go on for a very long period of time, hoping and praying and believing the holy man has the answers and is doing the work of God.

    This is precisely why taking advantage of somebody in this state is so utterly heinous that it disgusts all of us who do believe that there is such a thing as possession and that the rite of exorcism is to be respected and not blasphemed in the way this man has blasphemed it.

    It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that in the face of admission of such a man to dishonorable conduct with a woman he met “through his misistry”, HLI should just have kept silent rather than thanking and praising him. That they shouldn’t have posted his August 2010 letter in which his describes himself as being utterly at peace with all he had accomplished at HLI. No, they won’t get a pass for “not having any experience dealing with such a delicate situation”. Euteneuer’s vile behavior was going on right on HLI premises for over two years, and it’s pretty apparent there were some serious red flags. They both ignored those flags and then chose to re-victimize this woman by participating in painting this priest as an upright and honorable man in August 2010, exhausted by all his millions of miles traveled for the pro-life cause, when the reality is that they had asked him to resign due to very dishonorable conduct.

    HLI and pro-lifers everywhere should have been the MOST outraged to learn of Euteneuer’s despicable behavior toward a vulnerable and distraught woman. Instead HLI painted him as a holy man, and his supporters painted his victims as a money-grubbing seductress and a liar while HLI stood silently by and let it happen for months, knowing at the very least that Eutenuer had admitted to sexual misconduct. Pro-lifers should be the very angriest at this injustice, as it basically hands the pro-abortion organizations a massive weapon. President of “world’s largest” pro-life organization is misogynist who victimizes and sexually assaults psychologically vulnerable woman, after convincing her she is possessed of demons. Good grief! It doesn’t get much worst than that.

    I am a pro-life woman and a Catholic, and I am horrified. I can assure you my husband and all my friends are equally disgusted and ashamed. People are paying attention to this story because it matters. Pro-lifers everywhere should be standing up for the dignity and wellbeing of ALL people, especially those who are psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually vulnerable.

  4. The woman had previously been judged to be possessed – ask her. It sounds very much like you are from FR. She isn’t hard to find. It was not Father’s call – nor was it her first exorcism nor her first priest.

    I really think that if you question yourself in honesty you will see that HLI was in a difficult position. HIndsight is 20/20. It’s easy for you to say oh they should have done this or they should have done that – but the reality is they did all they could given the circumstances. Knowing them, they prayed, asked for guidance and followed their best instincts at the time. Again, I repeat, they had no prior experience in dealing with such a delicate situation. No one is perfect.
    I’d hold back on being horrified and disgusted if I were you. The truth has not yet been revealed.

  5. What is FR?

    The excuse that nobody’s perfect, “you don’t know what you would have done”, etc, simply doesn’t fly. HLI’s behavior was shameful and inexcusable, and the paper trail clearly shows it. It truly does make one question the overall ethics and culture of the organization. It would be one thing if they had just kept quiet, but intead they publicly praised and thanked him and posted his letter in August 2010, AFTER he had admitted to sexual misconduct. The greatest irony of all is that if they had really cared about Euteneuer, they would have been the very first to call him on the carpet for his violation of this woman. Instead they painted him as a holy priest. Months later, Euteneuer’s supposed “apology” letter (that joke of a letter in which he denied the “sex act” a la Clinton and lashed out at the sinfulness of those who called him out for his abominable behavior) demonstrated quite clearly Euteneuer’s continuing arrogance and lack of admittance of the level of harm he had actually done to this woman.

    Outrage and disgust are perfectly appropriate when vile behavior is perpetrated on vulnerable people. You are perfectly within your right to reserve your reaction, but as a mother of girls myself, I can’t help but be utterly revolted by such a violation of authority on the part of a priest masquerading as an exorcist taking advantage of the spiritually and pschologically distressed. These things matter.

    This woman was “gravely harmed” by Euteneuer’s vile behavior, and HLI participated in harming her further by portraying his resignation due to sexual misconduct as an honorable retirement due to all his virtuous work for the pro-life movement. This is shameful, and there is simply no way to get around that. Now HLI claims it will “vigorously defend” itself. It will be interesting to see just how much they will “vigorously” defend the dignity of Euteneuer’s victims as this lawsuit proceeds. Nothing HLI has said or done thus far gives me much reason to believe they will be standing up for her (them?) in any way, shape, or form.

  6. @Truthwillout — Yes, there are multiple victims. Here’s an excerpt from a statement given by the parents of Jane Doe:

    “In your statement, you mentioned ‘victims,’ while Father–”

    “I prefer ‘Euteneuer’ if you don’t mind–our family will not refer to him as ‘Father,'” he said with emphasis.

    “I understand. Anyway, Euteneuer stated his ‘violations of chastity’ occurred with ‘one person only.’ Do you personally know any other victims?”

    “I know of two, including our daughter, and have seen documentation about a third,” he confided.

    –from Fighting Irish Thomas, http://www.fightingirishthomas.com/2011/02/beyond-grave-fathers-and-mothers.html

  7. Seriously now – if you are going to quote an ignorant blogger and use him as your source for facts, well……I’ll cough my way into an asthma attack.

    I happen to know Father Euteneuer very well, and I know his accuser. He is not the monster she intends you to believe he is – nor is her portrayal of herself as an innocent victim accurate.
    HLI acted quickly and appropriately – and to the best of their ability at the time. Your insistence on a paper trail means nothing. It is still hindsight. Are you so sure you would have done better? Honestly? It’s easy to cast stones my dear… look at your own house before you go trashing HLI and the good work they have done and continue to do all around the world.
    Good night.
    p.s. FR is Front Royal. Sorry if it’s not accurate but you sound a lot like the locals and it’s common to abbreviate it as such.

  8. waitfortruth your just a condescending type person aren’t you? So I guess being friends with a rapist just makes you sorta special doesn’t it?

  9. Waitfortruth – you seem to be blatantly ignoring the fact that FTE confessed to inappropriate sexual behavior with this woman. How do you justify that – because clearly you are treating it as no big deal. He’s admitted doing it, for crying out loud! Why even speak about waiting for the truth to come out – because even when confessions come straight from the horse’ mouth, you continue to claim you are waiting for the truth. Maybe you don’t think women deserve to be treated with respect, only priests do. Open your eyes and stop defending a con man. It’s disgusting!!

  10. First of all, rape is not a question here. There was no rape. Second, he did admit to inappropriate behavior with a woman – NOT against her will or without her cooperation. She will have to answer to a LOT of questions…..
    It takes two to tango as they say. Sorry to disappoint all of the knights in shining armor who want to rush in and save the damsel BUT this is not her first FALSE accusation against a man. Check deee records!!

  11. I know Fr. Tom very well and I know of at least two of his victims. His actions are so far worse than what he admitted. He used the rite of exorcism and deliverance prayers and committed many grave acts while his subjects were subdued by the demonic. He is more than an abuser – he committed acts of Satanism and Sacrilege. It is a shame that HLI continues to try to defend this man who will go down as one of the most evil Judas’ of modern times.

  12. waitfortruth is not aware of how serious these violations are that FTE even admitted to. If all he had was consensual sex with a woman that would not so much be a problem, it would mean he gave into temptation that most of us are pretty much guilty of. The problem is he was working with a woman in a crisis situation..the role of therapist/client..what he did violated so many serious ethical boundaries and yes they are crimes in several states including Florida. So yes he is a sexual predator. I hope that other victims find the courage to come forward. He committed very serious ethical violations , yes he is a sexual predator..he belongs locked up in prison. He was suspended and remains suspended of his priestly faculties and the Bishop of Palm Beach is aware of at least one other victim. Also, according to the bishop he is receiving “intense counseling”..

  13. We have an announcement to make, listen up please, someone in the parking lot left their lights on in their broom..

    • Wow Mags, did you think of that all by yourself or did you round up a couple of kindergarten students for help? Way to contribute…rock on!

      • You’re now throwing kiddies into the cauldron? Yipes. That’s not right. Lighten up a little, wtf. Today is St. Benedict’s feast day. If anyone can pull your man from the muck, it will be him. V R S N S M V – S M Q L I V B ! (Begone, Satan!…)

    • MaggieJane ~ She left her lights on but no ones home ! Waitforthetruth sounds like another Rock Star Priest Lover ~ best guess she has his poster hanging somewhere on her Broomstick,,Just Sayin!

  14. waitfortruth I know the statement was made in Feb 2011 and guess what he remains suspended to this day. What’s your point, check my fact? I see you did not acknowledge nor address the the serious ethical issues that were violated and he confessed to. Like I said he didn’t just pick someone up in a club he took advantage of someone in a crisis situation. He knew of her diagnoses and manipulated the situation and her to gain sexual control over her..that is sexual assault-whether you believe it or not.

  15. Uh, the point Ms. Know-it-all is that you claim he is receiving intensive counseling. My attempt to point you towards checking the facts was to correct your assertion. What can I say, you can only work with the brain God gave you… I have to lower my expectations for you.

    For your further information, the case has already been reviewed in a legal setting and determined that in fact – no crime (meaning no sexual assault) happened.

    For even more information, a person with any diagnosis of dissociative disorder (if in fact it was a valid diagnosis made by a qualified individual)does not remain in that state 24/7. She functioned quite well in many (MANY) social settings and it will be quite interesting to watch (if of course the case isn’t thrown out by a judge) her fumble her way through this lie in court.

    • @@ Waitfortruth

      Why is it you Rock Star Priest Groupies NEVER address the facts ? What part are you confused about ? Are you confused as to weather it’s a crime for a priest to sexually assault a women under his SPIRITUAL CARE ? Or are you confused about the HARMFUL CONSEQUENSES Euteneuer has admitted to concerning his victim?

      ” But Euteneuer added in what is included as part of Jane Doe’s $5.35-million lawsuit, “I must acknowledge, however, that one particularly complex situation clouded my judgment and led me to imprudent decisions with harmful consequences, the worst of which was violating the boundaries of chastity with an adult female who was under my spiritual care.”

  16. Regardless of any diagnosis the women was clearly under Euteneuer’s SPIRITUAL CARE and from that point on Euteneuer is accountable.

    Would you put your daughter in Euteneuer’s SPIRITUAL CARE now ?

    • Hmm, you sound a little angry. Considering, in this case that we are speaking of an ADULT WOMAN… I am not sure that the role of parents is too significant. But, yes, I’d trust any of my children with him. They all know him well and he has been a lifesaver to my family through tragedy, illness, and many other instances of difficulty.
      What you fail to address is that the woman herself has her own sins to address. She is not without blame or guilt for getting involved with a priest. Please, don’t be so naive as to think she was entirely innocent in this situation. If you continue on that path you are going to be BLOWN AWAY when the evidence is revealed… prepare yourself!
      p.s. She was known to follow him around the office – beg to be taken to conferences with him – and much, much more. Sound like an abused victim? Me thinks not!

      • @@ waitfortruth

        I doubt the victim had to ” FOLLOW ” him around the office since Eunteneuer had her desk set-up directly across from his.

      • aha… that was her doing. But it’s good that you are following along!

  17. “It is an internal memo from the bishop to “all the priests of the Diocese of Palm Beach.” That memo posted at 5:51 p.m., Feb. 1, states in its entirety:

    “Due to the publicity being given to the situation of Father Thomas Euteneuer, I now feel it is not only fair but necessary to inform the priests of the Diocese of appropriate information in his regard.

    “Father Euteneuer has been undergoing intensive evaluation and counseling to address admitted inappropriate crossing of adult heterosexual boundaries on the occasion of carrying out his priestly ministry.” Bishop breaks silence on Father Euteneuer 2/1/2011.
    http://wcrnews.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/bishop-breaks-silence-on-father-euteneuer/ Here is the link. waitfortruth

  18. At the risk of sounding repetitive… I know! DUH! You seem to think that everything in that memo applies to today… it does not! That’s all I am saying…… the statement “is receiving counseling” in 2011 is not a statement that applies to 2012.
    And just a little fyi… “counseling” is a generic phrase used by bishops. Don’t take it for more than that.
    Gosh you really ought to take a course in comprehension!

    • “Uh, the point Ms. Know-it-all is that you claim he is receiving intensive counseling. My attempt to point you towards checking the facts was to correct your assertion.” waitfortruth your quote.

      “Father Euteneuer has been undergoing intensive evaluation and counseling” Bishop’s quote.

      Your claim was directed towards “Intensive counseling” now I sent you the quote from the Bishop, now you say it’s the timeline that matters? And now counseling is a generic phrase? I’m going to look that up. But an f/y/i to counseling is ongoing as long as its needed, unless of course he decides to stop and not follow through on recommended course of treatment prescribed to him.

      • Counseling has a specific beginning and an ending. Therapists who keep clients in an ongoing state of counseling are frauds. Do some real research instead of pulling things out of the sky.
        Though I do admit watching you flounder in a sea of misunderstandings is quite amusing….

  19. by the way… you seem to have casually IGNORED the FACT that will be testified to in court that the ACCUSER followed Father around the office…. begged and begged to be taken to conferences with him… and much, much more.
    Certainly NOT the behavior of a victim…..

      • Yes, it’s called psychological abuse, part of the mind control and manipulation of the sexual predator. Maybe he led her on and then played it cold, just to watch her beg. Some predators love to watch their victims beg, and grovel.

    • @@ waitfortruth

      It sounds like you are very angry and not thinking clearly.

      ” The complaint states that seven months into her abuse-laden treatment, Euteneuer paid for Jane Doe’s move from Sterling to Front Royal in September 2008. At the same time, acting as president of HLI, Euteneuer hired Doe for contracting services at HLI. On March 25, 2010, Jane Doe was hired as a full-time employee of HLI under circumstances the complaint states “were contrary to HLI corporate policy but were ratified and approved by HLI and HLIE (Human Life International Endowment).”

      Sounds like Enteneuer is the one who kept tabs on his victim.I doubt there was any begging from his victim to go to confrences- doesnt fly.Enteneuer moved her and had her in his line of sight – even getting her a desk across from his office.

      • Not so my dear! There is a long list of witnesses who will testify to the contrary! It was plain as day anytime there was a conference. It was sad really, to watch her hound him. He did all he could to dodge her…

      • Everything, that is, except see to her removal from HLI for her good and his. Everything, except refuse to say prayers of exorcism over her. He never had to take her “case”. If he wanted to avoid her it really would have been very simple.

        Side note: it’s very funny, this talking point of HLI’s about “all the witnesses we have – just wait and see!”The only specifics are those given by Jane, everything from HLI is “Trust us!”

      • @@ waitfortruth

        You sound like a woman in love with a sick and vile priest – get help and I mean get help fast.There is one victim who pretends as if nothing happened and it is a sad tale indeed.

        FYI concerning your post …..

        ” It was sad really, to watch her hound him. He did all he could to dodge her…”

        ……. I bet Enteneuer dodged her .. LOL ..He dodged her right into the bedroom / office / anywhere and everywhere.

        Where is Enteneuer’s spiritual advisor during this filthy mess ?

  20. Now that is absolutely ridiculous… I suppose he controlled her and made her follow him around the building… and then had her BEG to be taken to conferences. What is the name of the planet you come from?
    You may want to look into the backgrounds of her parents. If there were any trauma going on… or any signs of abuse – they would have been aware of it. Remember, we are talking about TWO YEARS that she claims to have been abused. Or wait… did he control them too? Maybe he controls the Pope too! Gosh, why didn’t I think of that? Lord, have mercy, is he controlling me too?
    Gosh, heading off to Mass now and will pray for mercy for your soul…. May God intervene to clear your mind.

    • Maybe God will lead you to learn about sexual abuse and how much it destroys the life, the heart, and the soul of the victims and how much worse the damage is when its done by a man of God or other religious

      • When it is abuse, yes, I am sure it is damaging. However, in this case… it is an accusation and nothing, I repeat, nothing has come close to being defined and accepted as abuse. The accuser knows the truth in her heart – is she brave enough to voice it? We shall see if she does when questioned in a court of law.

  21. I came back here and see that truth really HAS outed—waitfortruth’s callous and unchristian comments about a vulnerable and spiritually-distressed woman who has been manipulated and sexually abused by Euteneuer shows us just what kind of effect having a close relationship with predator Euteneuer actually has on people.

    THIS is truth being outed. THIS is the fruit of a manipulator and con man extraordinaire. This says it all, and any normal Christian person reading this line of commentary can clearly see it for what it is. I honestly have to wonder if waitfortruth isn’t working to out Euteneuer in a backhanded sort of way. The nature of his/her comments certainly lends credibility to the notion that Euteneuer has had a spiritually-toxic effect on those he has been close to. With friends like this online, Euteneuer certainly doesn’t need enemies. LOL

    Fiello’s comments are certainly damning if true…….and if true, we will know soon enough.

    Prayers for all Euteneuer’s victims, and thank you for your courage in the face of much adversity and cruelty from Euteneuer’s supporters.

  22. The comments made about the accuser are true – and your dislike of them does not qualify them as unChristian. You apparently have no knowledge of the truth of this situation. If you had anything worthwhile to contribute to the conversation, you would do that instead of ranting and raving in some sort of lunatic frenzy to discredit my attempts to set the matter straight. You have been unable to discount or disprove anything I have said – and the reason for that is simple. Because I speak the truth.
    Prayers for all of the pseudo-Catholics like yourself….

    • Don’t be so sure about that waitfortruth..you haven’t convinced anybody here of any of your truth. The only one here who’s been discredited is you. And you seem to to a pretty good job of that all by yourself; you certainly don’t need anyone’s help in that area. People are just done with you..you’re too arrogant and you don’t play well with others. I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times in your life.

    • Maggie, where on earth do you get such a distorted sense humor from? Try to contribute something worthwhile to the conversation.

      • Is Fr. Euteneuer free to walk about? Can he come visit you if he wanted to? I’ve always wondered where this place called “sabbatical” was.. 🙂

  23. Something is wrong here. No one speaks out so defiantly to defend a priest who has already admitted to wrong doing. Has someone got it in for Jane Doe? I think so. And I think it’s pretty easy to figure out why…

    • Yes, people do speak out to defend a priest. Most especially when the distorted impressions of the public have strayed so far from the truth of a situation. Yes, people will defend priests to the fullest extent possible because the media would prefer to portray a wild story that has no basis in fact rather than investigate the truth of the matter. Yes, people will defend priests because that is exactly what we must do in the face of unprecedented attacks on the priesthood.

      • The ones attacking the priesthood are the ones defiling it and debasing it and in this case as well as many others it is the accused priest himself guilty of such insidious actions against children, women and the church itself. Priests do not become men, but rather men become priests. And not all men who have become priests do so to serve God and others, but rather themselves. What a disgrace FTE is to the priesthood, an absolute disgrace.

      • Why am I not surprised that you are once again coming to FTE’s defense? There are no ‘distorted impressions’ when the accused spoke for himself. Was plain as day. You are still singing that song about the ‘truth of the matter’. How is it you feel such a deep seated need to defend this man? I agree that this is an attack on the priesthood ~ by FTE! The damage and attacks all priests will now be subjected to will have rippling effects that may never heal. Every priest will now have a harder time in their vocation thanks to his actions. Still going to defend him while all the other priests are suffering because of him? How do you expect anyone to not see
        that you actually only care about FTE’s welfare – while attempting to convince all of your great defense of the priesthood? I for one am not buying it for a minute. Nope.

  24. waitfortruth..Oh sweetie I’m not floundering as much as you think. But I am in absolute awe of your arrogance, and in the manner you belittle and degrade others. You have yet to have even a halfway decent conversation with anyone on this matter without insulting or degrading another. You seem to think if you degrade another that promotes your cause or argument or lack thereof. So now that you have set ground rules let me state that I think that maybe you need an sex-orcism..oops! I mean exoticism, ohh no what exorcism..there we go. No wonder why FTE got so confused..it’s the damn spell check. . Ohhh, here I go floundering again.

    • Ha! Jane Doe was able to walk away from the demonic influence of FTE. This other gal would not (or could not) do that. No wonder she’s out of sorts. Now stop your floundering and catch me a salmon. 🙂

      • Ahaa! One salmon coming up! Maybe waitfortruth can tell us other tall tales a we relax and dine it will be .an entertaining dinner theater production.

  25. Could be guilt. If “WFT” witnessed as much as she claims, and did nothing, and Euteneuer *is* guilty…well, it’s just easier on the conscience to believe him innocent.

  26. Or maybe WFT is enamored with him – like so many other women that fell into his con man trap.

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