Athey elected to 26th Circuit Court Judgeship

Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr. commented today on his election by the Virginia General Assembly to fill the current Circuit Court vacancy in the 26th Judicial Circuit.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the support of my former colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the General Assembly. I intend to work very hard to deserve the trust my former colleagues have placed in me,” he said.

Athey added, “I am particularly appreciative of the efforts of my former colleagues in the Shenandoah Valley Caucus and look forward to working with Frederick County Circuit Court Clerk, Becky Hogan, and her diligent and professional staff to protect and serve the citizens of the 26th Judicial Circuit.

As I begin this new endeavor, I am comforted by the quality of the outstanding attorneys who will be practicing before me in the 26th Judicial Circuit.I would be the first to acknowledge that although I may be succeeding Retired Circuit Judge John Prosser, I can never hope to replace someone of his caliber. Certainly, as I begin this new challenge, I will be relying upon my new colleagues including Judges Prosser, Wetsel, Hupp, Lane and Wilson who are among the most distinguished Judges in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Athey concluded, “I would not have been able to serve in any position of public trust without the steadfast love and support of my beloved wife Stacey, and our twins, Madagan and Clayton. In addition, I have greatly benefited from the loving guidance, advice, and support of my sister and law partner, Kimberly M. Athey, and my parents, Lynwood and Phyllis Madagan Athey. Without question, it is my family, Madagans and Atheys alike, to which I owe a debt of gratitude for my upbringing and faith in God. My family’s prayers and hard work along with the support of so many of my constituents has afforded me an opportunity to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia throughout my adult life.”

From a release.

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