Related: Crazy flooding photos & videos from our readers in Front Royal & Warren County.

Update: Flood aftermath: Criser Rd., Robin Hood Ln., Virginia Ave. & 6th St.

Update: Gov. McDonnell declares state of emergency.

Related: Update on flash floods from Warren County Fire Chief.

Related: Update on flash floods from Front Royal’s Interim Town Manager.

This video was referred to us and shows two people trapped in a truck. The video says it was on Happy Creek. Caution: strong language.

This video is at the entrance to Greenhill Forest subdivision off of 55 going toward Linden. (Thanks Dominique!)

Thanks Brad Barry.

For more incredible photos and videos, click here.


  1. Why did the person who filmed the truck video replace the gripping and emotional real audio of the video with that gay ass music?

    Plus, nice Warren County deputy standing there with his thumb strategically-placed while the people handle the rescue… “calling for more backup” my ass… Backup never would have gotten there in time.

  2. The video of the entrance to Green Hill forest was my video….don’t mind someone else sharing – I thought someone else took it until I looked at it and it was the exact one I took getting out of my car. My son, Cody Smith, posted it on you tube.

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