UPDATE: Salahi vs. Radaronline.com exec trial date set

By Dan McDermott, The Lynchburg Times
and Roger Bianchini, Warren County Report

Front Royal, Va. — A bench trial has been scheduled for March 18 at 2:30pm in Warren County General District Court to hear a $5,000 civil claim by reality TV husband and alleged White House gate crasher Tareq Salahi against Radaronline.com editor Dylan Howard.

On September 3rd in the same court Salahi received a default judgment of $5,000 against Howard. That judgement has been thrown out because Howard was never served.

Salahi claims Howard never paid him an agreed upon $5,000 fee for photographs taken of Salahi and his wife Michaele the weekend of February 20th at the Salahi’s private residence in Warren County.

Boston said today that a lower fee had been agreed upon and that all funds had already been paid.

According to attorneys, both parties are expected to appear in March unless a settlement is reached before then. Howard attorney Eryk Gabhran Boston told Warren County Report he did not expect to reach a settlement and is preparing for trial.


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  1. Did Salahi appear in court or just his attorney? How will he pay his attorney when he loses? Hopefully he will have to pay Howard’s court costs as well. Was there any discussion of Salahi fabricating the email chain or fraudulent and misleading service of the complaint?

    When will Salahi realize that he is not persecuted and that he is just reaping the results of his bad behavior?
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  2. If Silek was doing this “pro boner” and got any sexual favors from Missy Salahi, he should go to the doctor now. The itching and burning will only grow worse….

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