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  1. Hey Roger, good news about stink bugs! They will commit suicide. I kid you not. Put a little detergent in an empty peanut butter jar and pour in a little water. Then hold in jar under a stink bug. Nine times out of ten the bug will dive head long down into the bubbles. If you’ve got kids, they most likely will love doing this and will clear your entrance ways of bugs–at least for a while. The suicidal behavior of these bugs is so amazing that you may want to do the job yourself.

    Apparently stink bugs don’t flap their wings when they want to fly; they drop down before opening their wings so if your jar of suds makes them want to move, they drop into it rather than flying away. At least most of the time.

    My grandchildren and I amuse ourselves filling these ‘jars of death’ and I feel good about getting something back on these annoying insects. The bad news, I suspect, is that they’ve already laid their eggs for next year’s invasion and, judging by the number I have jarred this year, it will be a doozy.

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