Emergency power outage in Front Royal

From Rappahannock Electric Cooperative:

A set of switches at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s Front Royal Substation was damaged during today’s thunderstorms. The repairs will require an emergency outage in the Front Royal area that is likely to begin any moment (around 7pm.) We anticipate this outage lasting approximately three hours.


  1. goody, goody! So, first we long time Allegheny customers are subjected to demands for rafts of personal info to “apply for an accout” with REC. Then many of us are (“oops, mistake!”) asked to pay a deposit! Then more than a few of us are hit with bills claiming we used over twice our normal usage. THEN, this Really Together Company sends out cancellation notices for non-payment on disputed accounts . These notices manage to arrive on Saturday, with cancellation scheduled for MONDAY, with no available customer service office hours on the weekend. Once again –it’s “mistake–disregard!”
    Now,oh–it’s the weather at fault. Were it anyone else I would cut them some slack. But where is the slack they cut us–their innocent victims…er..unwilling customers?! Sheesh! Cooperative, indeed! WHere is the cooperation?

    • Don’t forget how they kindly lopped off the tops of all our trees and left all the debris in our yard to clean up. Thanks, guys!

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