1. There is no question that the Town of Front Royal will suffer a tarnished reputation as a result of the scandel. However, the person who claims to be a civic activist doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m not sure I could support anything this activist and his newly formed group want to do. He just doesn’t strike me as a person with the necessary leadership skills to accomplish the mission they claim to have set.

  2. I too would be concerned about this Civic Activist. As should we all. We should question the abilities of every person who is willing put himself or herself on the line. However accusing him of “not being the sharpest tool in the shed” is probably taking a bit far. I would love to see just what kind of evidence that MVCTOYS has to back up his or her concerns. From what I gathered about Mr. Ratigan is that he is a concerned citizen of Front Royal who has the guts to put himself out there and stand up for the rest of the folks of Front Royal. A long list of College Degrees and memberships to committees and experience on the Town Council has proven not to guarantee good leadership. Just look at what is on the council now. Willingness to put aside personal agendas for the good of the Town of Front Royal and a willingness to put his reputation on the chopping block for his convictions to me is a sign of true leadership.

    Mr. Ratigan strikes me as the type of person who would willingly sacrifise just about anything to do what is right. I read the article in the Warren Sentinel. Mr. Ratigan has gone on the record as stating that he is not planning on running for any office that might come available as a result of this scandal. And yet he is still willing to put himself out there and sound the alarm. I wonder if MVCTOYS would be willing to step up to the line as Mr. Ratigan has. I say good job Mr. Ratigan! And I only pray that we have more of your kind out there to back up us.

  3. sigh! Unfortunately I know Mr Ratigan, and all the rest of what he stands for (fundamentalist religion, Tea Party politics, etc). Sad that he is so far the only “activist” willing to come and speak out on this Civic Silliness.

  4. And why is that? Why is he the only activist willing to come forward? You don’t like his politics? Fine! But the Question remains, WHY IS HE THE ONLY ONE?? And WHERE ARE YOU?? Answer that question and you will be one step closer to actually getting involved in the system and not sitting on the sidelines. And by the way? What is wrong with Tea Party Politics? Isn’t it Tea Party Politics that founded the Nation that gives you the right to comment on this forum? And what is your definition of “fundamentalist religion”? And what gives you the right to label Mr. Ratigan that way? I know it can’t be “Just because he is pro-life and Catholic. Drop the labels people! And let’s just simply be Americans holding our elected officials accountable.

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