What do you think? We’re testing a new online newspaper format

This is a version of the paper on Scribd.

We offer every issue in PDF format but we are interested in testing this viewer since it seems a lot easier to use.

Please comment below to tell us what you think.


  1. Well, it didn’t show up in my RSS feed like the PDF one does.

    But it seems to load better than the PDF.

  2. It looks good but I think you should continue to release it in PDF format as well. It is more portable and standardized.

  3. I prefer the pdf format because it’s easier to read in full screen-width mode. Scribd would appear to be more useful for searches of archived documents.

  4. Okay, I really appreciate everyone’s comments here and on Facebook, Twitter and via email. I really like this viewer but it is definitely a slightly lower quality format than a straight PDF. And we have to dumb-down the PDF anyway because the actual size of the paper is huge. I think I will post the Scribd viewer embedded as in this post and have the link to the PDF file underneath so everyone is happy. And I’ll keep monitoring feedback as we go. I like that the Scribd viewer makes it easy for people to put it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and also has an easy embed code in case someone wants to post an issue they are interested in on their on blog or web site. (And we are totally cool with that since it is free anyway except for me.. I have to pay 20 cents per paper. So I strongly support online viewing, ha ha!)

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