Drowning was accidental, tragic – Sheriff

Rescue workers work to recover the body of 9 year-old Ryan Warner of Bunker Hill, WV who died at Riverton Dam, near Front Royal, VA June 29. Photo courtesy of Stephens City Fire and Rescue. Click image for more photos.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Riverton Boat Landing on June 29, 2010 at approximately 4:22 p.m. to investigate the possible drowning of a nine year old boy from Bunker Hill, WV. Investigators have determined that the boy arrived at the boat landing with his grandfather and two other family members, ages ten and eleven, to fish and swim.

Investigators interviewed the family members and several other witnesses at the scene and have determined that the three boys were playing on the upriver side of the dam when the nine year old boy slipped on rocks in the water and was swept into a large hole on the north end of the dam by the swift water current. Two of the eye witnesses said the boy was very quickly pulled under the water after he fell. The ten year old family member borrowed a cell phone from another person near the dam and called 911.

On June 30, 2010 at approximately 12:25 p.m., fire and rescue officials recovered the body of the nine year old boy.

Investigators have determined this to be a very tragic, accidental death.

Sheriff Daniel McEathron would like to thank all of the personnel who worked tirelessly through the night as a team to bring this tragedy to conclusion. Sheriff McEathron and the staff of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office extend our deepest sympathy to the family of this young boy.

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  1. where was the adult supervision?are there any charges pending for child endagerment?could the child not read?a little more who what where and why journalism 101.

    • Whoever you are…you have no idea…how dare you ask such questions. You obviously don’t know this child or his family! Who are you to point a finger or have the right to know why? And to have the audacity to even say, “Can the child not read?”. It was an accident, adult supervision or not. Comments like this are hurtful and mean. A family has lost a child; find another hobby other than posting meaningless comments on news stories to which you have no connection.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, especially the grandfather, and two boys that were with him, It will be so hard for them:

    About three weeks before that my grandson was down there with his grandfather, being only 4 he too was playing on the same rocks, and was told the rocks were slippery, NOT TO PLAY ON THEM,
    Is there a way that section of the River/Dam/Rocks can be blocked by Wire Fencing so these young kids CAN NOT get to the same AREA, Boys EXPLORE these kinds of areas…not thinking of the dangers that lye in wait. Please do something to make the area SO THE CHILDREN CAN’T GET CLOSE TO IT. IF THE TOWN/ GAME COMM. DOES NOT WANT TO FOOT THE EXPENSE, Will it be illegal for someone to volunteer the materials, and labor, I will help where ever I can,
    Dan, can you find this out for me, and we can get something done before another innocent life is taken.

    I am so sorry for this families Loss, I pray for you, The grandfather and the two little boys, Its goin to be a difficult ordeal to get through, please dont blame yourselves, and dont listen to the riducule of some of the comments that might arise.
    Spend your time concentrating, on the love and happiness you shared with Ryan, and your grandchildren.
    take care, prayers are with you, Delores and family

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