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By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Many new laws will take effect on July 1st in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Among them are:

  • Assisted living facilities may provide alcoholic beverages to residents in dining areas or their private rooms without an ABC license.
  • ABC stores may offer wine and liquor tastings in certain circumstances
  • Tightening regulation of rates charged for motor vehicle title loans
  • Courts may appoint a vocational expert to determine the earning potential of a person when it in dispute over child or spousal support
  • Potential jurors have to show photo ID or sign a form to verify their identity
  • DUI driving suspensions will run consecutively with any other suspensions ordered by the court
  • An infant born but still attached by an umbilical cord is still a separate independent person in homicide cases. (Stems from a tragic Lynchburg, VA case.)
  • Persons with a concealed weapons permit can carry a concealed weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol but cannot drink.
  • Anyone who can legally carry a firearm can keep a loaded handgun in their vehicle provided it is locked in a secure container or compartment.
  • A pharmacist may require proof of identification before dispensing Schedule II drugs and must keep records of who gets them.
  • No Virginia citizen can be required to obtain individual health insurance. (This is the subject of dispute between the Commonwealth and the federal government.)
  • For zoning and other purposes, localities must treat an assisted living facility with 8 or fewer elderly and/or disabled residents as a single family residence.
  • Drivers on a 4-lane highway MUST move over when passing public safety or tow/construction vehicles displaying blue, red or amber lights.
  • New license plate option are offered including a ‘buy local’ plate and one advocating for pro choice.
  • Speed limits on highways can be raised to 70 mph.
  • All localities can regulate and prohibit sales, fundraising and the distribution of handbills, advertising and literature on highways and medians.

A good rundown of some of the the laws that passed and those that failed this year is in the document above.

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[Updated to correct DUI suspensions will run consecutively not concurrently.]

Dan McDermott is Publisher of Warren County Report and The Sherando Times. His email address is editor@warrencountyreport.com. He is also on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

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  1. Yes, this is a good list of law changes in Warren County. I am interested in learning how you were able to find it. We have a pretty lengthy glod and would like to add that for each county on our Florida DUI site. Thank you!

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