Police warn against vacuum sales team

The Front Royal Police Department has been made aware of several occurrences of door-to-door solicitation within the Town limits. According to Town Code 138-1S, “the going upon the property of private residences in the town by solicitors……without having first obtained a permit or an exemption under the provisions of Virginia Code section 57-48 et seq. shall be unlawful.” Additionally, Town Code 138-4 states “it shall be unlawful for any person to act as a solicitor within the Town without first securing a solicitor’s permit from the Chief of Police or his designated subordinate. “The solicitor’s permit shall be in addition to a business license for all commercial solicitation.”

“The Front Royal Police Department needs to know when these individuals are going door-to-door and soliciting our residents without proper verification and permits,” states Chief Richard H. Furr. “The permitting process helps to prevent unscrupulous subjects from scamming our citizens and promotes fair competition for our local businesses.”

There are at least three subjects involved in these recent solicitations. One is a young Caucasian female in her early twenties with light brown hair and facial piercings. The other two subjects are both Caucasian young males in their early twenties. The subjects are reportedly going door to door, offering to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner and giving away air fresheners as a free gift for the demonstration.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Detective Jason Winner with the Criminal Investigations Division at (540) 636-2208.

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