Video: Watch the candidates for Mayor

Part 1: What is the role of a mayor in a system that only allows him to vote to break a tie? Do you support the requirement of a super majority to pass tax rates? Is there anything a mayor can do to ease ideological impasses on council?

Part 2: Do you favor raising ‘luxury taxes’ on things like cigarettes, meals and lodging over real estate and personal property rate hikes over cutting services to close the town budget gap? What are your priorities over the next two years if you are elected mayor? What is your attitude on a solar farm & plant coming to Front Royal and what should the town’s role be?

Part 3: How do you view the performance of the Town Manager? How is the relationship between the town and county and how can it be improved or maintained? Should the town move to annex the north corridor? (Correction: In website video interviews with the town candidates we mistakenly referenced Mayor Eugene Tewalt’s anticipated tiebreaking vote in favor of Town Manager Michael Graham, which the mayor had stated he would have made last November. That potential tiebreaker vote was averted following a scathing public appraisal of any council effort to remove the town manager on Nov. 23rd. While a trio of councilmen had been highly critical of Graham’s actions surrounding solar negotiation and information flow beginning at a Nov. 2nd work session, Tom Conkey’s motion to remove the item from the Nov. 23rd meeting agenda following a strong public showing of support of the town manager passed by a unanimous roll call vote.)

Part 4: Tim Darr: Are you impacted by the Hatch Act? How has your job effected your role in local government? Eugene Tewalt: What accomplishments do you look to as you seek re-election? Both: How is your health?

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