EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tederick attacks, Hrbek responds

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Warren County Republican activist Matt Tederick has sent Front Royal voters a letter harshly critical of Vice Mayor Bret Hrbek who is seeking re-election to town council May 4.

Tederick did not immediately return a call requesting comment but his letter contains several criticisms. One centers on Hrbek’s proposal ten years ago to institute a charge to be in the annual Front Royal Christmas Parade to raise funds for the event put on by the Downtown Business Association. Tederick also calls Hrbek “drunk with power” and criticizes Hrbek for selling bonds for AMP Ohio, a power company which jointly owns a coal plant with the town.

Hrbek responded to the letter on camera in the video above and in a post on his website.

In the letter, Tederick urges recipients to vote for any of the candidates except Hrbek and says he wrote the letter without the knowledge or authorization of anyone running for office.

Warren County Report invited Mr. Tederick to come to our studio for an on-camera interview Friday afternoon but he was not immediately available. We hope to speak with him soon.

Link: Original letter from Matt Tederick

Link: Response from Bret Hrbek

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