Healthcare Hysteria!
– President Obama’s healthcare bill has passed. What’s in it?
– Why so much misinformation?
– People are freaking out. Is it similar to the reaction to desegregation?
– Australia spends half as much of GDP on healthcare and everyone is covered.
– Doctors say it was a bad idea to have let the health insurance companies take over health care.

Guinea Pig-Gate: A Front Royal man is charged with buying a guinea pig at a pet store, killing it and making it into a hat which he wore around his neighborhood.
– Should he be charged with a hunting violation?
– Should you be allowed to kill your pets?
– Is the man competent to stand trial?
– Is it hypocritical to say cute furry animals can’t be killed but cows can?
– What if he had fed it to a snake?

Is Front Royal about to over burden local businesses with luxury taxes?
– Front Royal, VA will not raise real estate or personal property taxes.
– The town is facing a $700,000 budget shortfall but by law must balance it’s budget.
– The town is considering some luxury tax hikes that could affect smokers, restaurants and hotels.
– People freaking out over $20 a year
– Will town businesses lose customers to Warren County?

Police Chief criticized for speaking at public hearing in uniform with gun.
– Front Royal, VA Police Chief Richard H. Furr was criticized for an email sent by an aide advocating a tax hike to fully fund his department.
– He was also criticized for speaking at a town council public hearing while wearing his uniform and gun.
– Fair charge or silly town politics?
– Town police chiefs always go to town council meetings in uniform.


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