Salahis pay to get watch back

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Tareq and Michaele Salahi were in the Warren County Courthouse at 2 pm this afternoon to deliver a certified check to pay an approximately $2,000 overdue bill to a landscaper who had sued them. The Salahis were forced to surrender a watch Friday that Mr. Salahi was wearing when the landscaper’s attorney rejected a payment plan proposed by the Salahis.

The landscaper’s attorney, J. Daniel Pond III, confirmed that he had received the funds and said he would release the check to his client once the the watch had been returned to the court.

Yesterday, the watch did not appear to work and was sent to a facility for verification of authenticity, appraisal and repair, if necessary.

Today, Tareq Salahi told Warren County Report that he did not think the watch was broken but had to be worn for about 30 minutes to start ticking again.

The Salahis were not aware that the watch had been sent away and their attorney David Silek said that they would not pay the cost for the shipping or evaluation and appraisal.

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