Salahi took repo truck keys, told wife to ‘get gun’ – complaint

Charges may be dismissed ‘dependent on good behavior’

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Honey, I’ll get the keys, you get the gun

A 2006 Audi that got alleged White House State Dinner crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi an expired state inspection ticket Friday caused even more headaches for the couple last year.

Documents show that Tareq Salahi was charged in 2008 with petit larceny for taking the keys of a tow truck driver who was sent to repossess the car because Salahi was behind on payments.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Warren County General District Court, Edward R. Beal, then of L & K Recovery in Centerville, VA, pulled up to the Salahi’s Linden, VA home on August 14, 2008 and hooked the Audi up when Tareq and Michaele came out of the home and argued with Beal. Beal said Mr. Salahi told his wife to “get the gun.” Beal said that he ran down the driveway to call police and Mr. Salahi took the keys out of the tow truck and the couple then ran into the house and shut the garage door.

Beal said he was afraid. “I felt trapped. I couldn’t leave. I had to run and get away from him. He literally screamed at his wife. He yelled ‘Get the gun, get the gun.’ She didn’t go at first but then he screamed ‘Get the gun. Get the gun now! I said now!'”

He said, she said

A county dispatch call log says that Michaele Salahi called 911 a few minutes after the driver called to report that the driver had assaulted her husband.

But in a typed supplemental filed with the court, Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy Gary Phillips said that Mr. Salahi claimed that the driver had assaulted his wife.

“During a conversation with Mr. Salahi after the incident was over I explained to Mr. Salahi that I did not appreciate him not telling us the truth when he calls us to his house and he asked if I was calling him a liar. I said I guess I am,” read Deputy Phillips’ statement.

Deputy Phillips said that Tareq Salahi made a payment over the phone but that the loan officer told deputies that the tow driver could still take the car if he wished. Deputies told the driver that the car would have to remain at the home due to a “breach of peace” and advised the Salahis and the driver that they could “seek the services of the magistrate” for actions that occurred before the deputies’ arrival.

A repossession order for the vehicle shows that it was titled to Oasis Enterprises Inc. and was $5,579.88 behind in payments. The document showed the balance due to be $57,646.22 with a monthly payment of $1,771.39.

Hard to prove

On October 28th, the case was continued with the commonwealth and Salahi’s attorney agreeing that the case would be dismissed with no finding of guilt and no costs assessed “dependent on the good behavior” of Mr. Salahi through April 28th.

Warren County Commonwealth Attorney Brian Madden said that good behavior meant no criminal charges filed for acts committed during the six months the case is being continued.

In an interview with Warren County Report, Beal said he completely disagreed with the decision to dismiss the charges. But Madden said there were problems with proving the case since the commonwealth would have to establish that Salahi intended to steal or permanently deprive Beal of the keys. Madden also said that if Mr. Beal had an issue with the decision to dismiss for good behavior it was news to him since he had never expressed it with anyone in his office.

No gun was produced during the incident.

Front Royal attorney Jerry Talton, who represented Mr. Salahi in the incident, declined to comment.

The Salahis may be issued a subpoena tomorrow to appear before congress to testify about their alleged crashing of the White House State Dinner Nov. 24th. Their attorney’s in that case told Bloomberg News that they will refuse to testify if forced to appear.

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  1. Woo Hoo! The Dukes of Warren County! Way to go go Ms Missy! Now that’s funny right there, I’ll tell ya. I don’t care who your relatives are. Git-R-Dun Tareeeeeek. Save your Dixie cups y’all, the south shall rise again! God Bless Dixie!

  2. Been following your Salahi coverage from Oregon. You’re doing a really good job. Please keep us “inquiring minds” apprised of any new grist for the Salahis’ mill.
    They’re amazing. Amazingly weird and entertaining, but amazing. By the way, what’s the full history on him? He married Michelle (apparently her real name) well into his 30s. Is there an ex-Mrs. Salahi out there who’d like to talk?

  3. Anyone who says “get the gun” doesn’t actually have one. I’d love to be the driver because it would be so fun to smack that portly little marshmallow around in front of his mentally ill gold digging wife.

    • haha yer so right. i don’t own a gun, but when someone tried to break into my house, i yelled, rob get the gun! it worked too – he ran off.

  4. Probably no ex, as some news stories mentioned that Tareq was determined to get engaged. And was set up with Michaele by friends.

    I’d guess he had been living and working and virtually isolated off on his family’s winery. Was very much into the social scene in his college days, more so than his school work. No mentions of girlfriends at all in any of the articles I’ve read. None.

    None have shown up since the beginning of this story to say anything at all. Unlike the Tiger Woods drama, where women are crawling out of nooks and crannies.

    Seems the same story for Michaele, who until Tareq, lived with her mother. No boyfriends appearing to say she was a nut job years ago. Just a few fellow workers from Nordstrom, commenting on her attire and attitude.

    One of the things that bugs me the most is that these folks COULD have been big fishes in little ponds. Legitimately. With good supporting roles in jobs of limo driving and make up application. With leading roles in working cooperatively in the winery.

    But they started jumping the shark, doing ridiculous things, making spectacular claims without basis in reality.

    Now they don’t get to be a big fish in a big pond, or in the small local pond. They might get to be a small fish in the big house, though.

    They coulda been contenders!

  5. And the part I love (refer to Other Local Paper’s archives), and still remember, is their paid wedding announcement. One almost-quote was “The bride is employed as a Super Model”!!! I mean… have we ever seen an employment ad requesting the services of a “Super Model”!!??
    Now you say she worked at Nordstroms??!! hahahaha

  6. […] Neither Tareq Salahi nor his wife Michaele appeared for the routine case review. Mr. Salahi was represented by Front Royal defense attorney Jerry Talton. On October 28th, the case was continued with the commonwealth and Salahi’s attorney agreeing that the case would be dismissed with no finding of guilt and no costs assessed “dependent on the good behavior” of Mr. Salahi through April 28, 2010. Warren County Commonwealth Attorney Brian Madden told us in December that good behavior meant no criminal charges filed for acts committed during the…. […]

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