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  1. Caught this one just now,

    “A yacht owned by WH crasher Tareq Salahi never showed up for a charity event in Spring ’07”


    “Through a silent auction, Samantha Luterman won an eight-person wine tasting aboard the yacht for $150. Despite making multiple attempts to contact Oasis Winery for reimbursement, Luterman never heard back from them”

    There’s a little more at the above link.

  2. Post it as I find it:

    Michaele Salahi being investigated by Miss Universe Corporation, Donald Trump disgusted:

    Salahis bounced 24K check for liquor buy in Maryland, still own more than $13,000:

    Remember Martha Stewart being sent to the big house? It wasn’t for insider trading, it was for lying to the Feds, which is exactly what is claimed to have been done by the Salahis:

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