EXCLUSIVE: Salahi mother chains gate. Michaele being paid – source

The gates of Oasis Winery were chained and locked Tuesday evening when Corinne Salahi heard that her son Tareq and his wife Michaele were rumored to be planning a post-Today Show party at the Hume, VA winery which Corinne controls but Tareq has access to because of a 5% ownership share.

By Dan McDermott and Matt Kreitz
Warren County Report

Oasis Winery, Hume, VA–While network news reporters were abuzz about rumors of a planned post-Today Show party for Tareq and Michaele Salahi this evening at Oasis Winery in Hume, VA, Oasis tasting manager Diane Weiss said today that she and winery owner Corinne Salahi had no knowledge of any such plans. Weiss said Mrs. Salahi, locked in a years-long feud with her son over control of Oasis, planned to chain the entrance gate shut for the evening.

Earlier this afternoon, Tareq and Michaele were escorted to their Linden, VA home by two Warren County, VA Sheriff’s Office vehicles, while two other sheriff’s cruisers stood guard on nearby John Marshall Highway. About 6pm, Michaele left the home in a black chauffeur-driven Town Car, presumably the same Lincoln that shuttled the Salahi’s to and from their softball interview with Today’s Matt Lauer this morning.

Michaele arrived at a Starbucks on Rt. 234 in Manassas, VA around 6:45m where she greeted friends who, along with young men who said they work at Starbucks, proceeded to block reporters and photographers from getting close to the coffee shop. Michaele’s black-suited driver went into Starbucks to get her a drink. A Prince William County Police officer arrived shortly thereafter and Michaele left for destinations unknown after speeding through a red light out of view of the officer.

As of 10pm, from behind a chained entrance gate at Oasis Winery, it appeared that there was no party and that Corinne and her husband Dirgham Salahi had settled in for the night.

Early this morning, Michaele Salahi was adamant she was not being paid to appear on NBC’s The Today Show. However, a source very close to Michaele who spoke on the condition that he not be named, said that Michaele but not Tareq was being paid an appearance fee for her participation in the Real Housewives of Washington, DC. The show is slated to air next year on the Bravo Network and on NBC-owned TV stations. Bravo is owned by NBC.

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  1. Im suprised this story seems to be the ONLY story that has been covered as of late. There are a lot more interesting and pressing news right here in warren county that i think warrant attention. I hope the Warren County Report does not turn into another Enquirer.

  2. Salahis are the (disgusting, yet) big news covered around the world currently. I guess the world is just shocked at how low peole can go for fame. I’m just afraid for his parent, what this greedy spoiled scumbag would do to his parents still to get his ways – they certainly looks like the type of lowlife who would do anything for money. Ofcourse if his parents actually die, be it natural cause, at this point, Terq and Michaele will surely be found guilty.

  3. Hi Kelly!

    I can understand your frustration, as I see the same frustration in my local area about wanting more local news, and less Salahi coverage. However, it IS a big deal.

    Would you want anything less from your local news people if the Salahis had killed people in the State Dinner? It’s NATIONAL news here, and your very own WCR is THE source for the most news.

    And it is also LOCAL news for you folks.

    Yes, the whole thing is very National Enquirer, but this would have occurred in ANY location if the Salahis were there. The things that couple has done are so much better than “My goldfish is Elvis reincarnated” and “Aliens ate my bat-boy”.

    Much better because they are so incredibly dumb. And it’s unbelievable that they haven’t been caught or held accountable.

    And I’d guess your local news staff are taking inquiries from many national sources, keeping them VERY busy.

  4. Why are taxpayer-funded police officers being used to act as body guards for the Salahis? If there is some basic need to restore public order at a location disrupted by the Salahis, where public safety is more widely jeopardized, that would fall within the obligations of on-duty police officers. Offering patrol car escorts to the Salahis as they jet to and from appointments, and other usage, is completely inappropriate. These are not elected officials engaged in the public’s business. I hope this blog further exposes this misuse of our funds, and perhaps offers pointed opportunities for the public to make their displeasure known to the senior ranks at specific police forces that are evidenced in this.

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