Exclusive: Secret Service at Oasis Winery in search for Salahi’s

By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

Warren County Report has confirmed that U.S. Secret Service agents were at Oasis Winery less than one hour ago looking for Tareq and Michaele Salahi to question them about their uninvited appearance at Tuesday’s White House State Dinner.

According to Oasis Winery manager Diane Weiss, two SUV’s were waiting near the entrance gate when Weiss arrived to open the winery at about 11am today for tastings.

Weiss said one SUV was at the entrance and the other was further up the road.

When Weiss arrived, two agents–one male and one female–said they wished to speak with Tareq and Michaele Salahi. Weiss said she told the agents that they did not live there and hadn’t since 2006. The agents asked why they had a mailbox there. Weiss explained that it is an ongoing issue and that they do receive mail and list Oasis Winery as their home address on their driver’s license but actually reside in a house in Linden.

Weiss said the agents were pleasant but in a hurry. “We are not here to arrest the Salahi’s today. It is imperative that we speak with them If they do not sit down with us and talk we will take whatever action necessary,” Weiss quoted the male agent as saying.

Weiss said the agents spoke with Corinne Salahi, Tareq’s mother, before leaving.

Tareq and Corinne have been locked in a family feud for ownership of the Hume, VA winery and have competing websites. Corinne controls http://oasiswines.net while Tareq has http://www.oasiswine.com

Weiss has worked at Oasis since 2007.

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  1. Great, the incompetence of Secret Service continues!

    One can only wonder? Without a photo, would the Secret Service be able to find them if they were at their offices?


    Please someone. Please get rid of these clowns. When Tom DeLay criticized the Secret Service for allowing the Arizona live-ammo, toting gun nuts to be around our President he correctly said it wasn’t a Second Amendment rights issue, it was a SECURITY issue.

    So lets start over. Get ride of these clowns. I dealt with one just this morning. Naturally the man refused to identify himself before hanging up the phone, and when I called back, Katie Ayers was at least professional enough to identify herself before answering questions I didn’t ask, but not answering questions I did.

    This kind of incompetence must end. The NSA, the CIA, and the FBI were all aware of the terrorists who later hit the World Towers. But no one was fired. Instead, we got the fear-based, “Homeland Security.”

    Fast forward to Fort Hood and it turns out, any number of people in government knew the shrink was flipping out and contacting known terrorists.

    And The Secret Service fails in their own backyard.

    Why is this kind of incompetence rewarded? Why are so many lives needlessly wasted with no consequences?

    Why is incompetence rewarded? Why are lives repeatedly wasted because the Secret Service has morphed into Keystone Cop Clown Central?

  2. These two not only have MULTIPLE financial/bankrupcy cases against them, but they also have MULTIPLE filings from ex-employees via the VA Department of Labor.

    Tareq REFUSED to pay his employees overtime and split our paychecks between his Oasis Enterprises and the Oasis WInery. The winery is on a Agricultural payscale and this payscale does not require paid overtime. He would require us to work 15+ hour days when we had events. He would have illegal immigrants come in to harvest the grapes, they would live in a trailer on the property. I worked in the capacity of an “event planner” and “office assistant” in 2005. I was told to shred documents and “somehow delay payment” to various vendors. I had to field calls for Tareq from bill collectors, attorneys, ect. He is a weasel and blames it on the relationship with his mother….look what they did to Shaqil O’neal:


    If you want to get the real story, look into the Department of Labor for the State of VA and get the scoop from the employees. I would also reccomend checking out this website:


    under Fauquier County re: MULTIPLE Court cases against this pair. How they treated their customers, employees, and vendors would make a very interesting story and it would help the case aganist them. Even the neighbors in the town of Hume would have some interesting things to say about how this pair treated the community.

  3. Where in the story does it say the agents didn’t have a photo?

    How could they not have a photo when these two have been in and out of the courts, in social functions and have drivers license photos on file.

  4. Anyone have more info on vineyards in Fauquier and Stafford County? Like more than just what their own web sites say? I never thought of DC suburbs as being big wine country, kind of comes as a surprise to me.

    As far as the Secret Service — at least they bothered to show up. I don’t know how many regular cops I’ve encountered through the years who don’t even want to investigate serious crimes, including in Stafford. Although I wonder if party-crashing is a big enough deal to spend a lot of time on it all. I know it’s the President’s party, but crashing parties is a part of American culture. Back in the 70s party-crashing was even fashionable.

    • Let’s call this by its proper name. This not just fashionable “party crashing”, it’s lying to federal officials on matters within their jurisdiction and criminal trespassing. It matters not one wit that they had no bad intentions. And given their words and actions it will be nearly impossible to colorably argue that they believed themselves to be invited guests. There is nothing cute or admirable about what they did.

    • The valley and blue ridge from Loudoun and Fauquier down to Rappahannock county are rapidly becoming the Napa of the East. Wines are winning national recognition(and international in the case of Rappahannock Cellars). Pomeroy and I are regular visitors at the wineries and share our experiences on our blog. Check it out at VAWineDogs.blogspot.com.

  5. So who actually owns & controls Oasis Vineyards? Interesting that there are competing websites…

    I wouldn’t compare what these two did to 70’s ‘party crashing’; if indeed they were not invited, then they used less than honest methods to obtain access to the White House and the POTUS. That’s a very serious crime & all involved should be held responsible, including the staff at the White House who allowed them in. I feel much more interesting details will surface as this story unfolds.

    It’s pretty damn scary that security was so lax that any fool dressed the part could just waltz into a State dinner.

    It very well could have been characters who had more devious intentions than narcissistic social climbing.

  6. I remember 80s parties had crashers and lines of cocaine everywhere (no doubt flown in fresh by Ollie North that morning). So, if someone crashes your party, whose fault is it? You let them in, didn’t you? Shoulda checked their invitations more carefully at the door. I don’t mean that I’d want a worker fired over one mistake that didn’t harm anyone, but still, if you let them in then take responsibility yourself.

    I notice that Obama’s administration is investigating this but seems to be professoinal about it. Bush would have gone mental, hyped it as a terrorist threat, and said it was justification for revoking the constitution. The parts of the constitution giving us our rights, of course, not the part giving him his job. They’re always selective about it that way. They keep their power and money, you lose your part of the deal. The way any contract works, right?

    • Their were some good comments, until yours. No facts, weak logic, several exagerations and bad sentence structure throughout your rambling(s).

      • Ad hominem arguments are the bedrock of the dittohead offense. Look that at up and hopefully learn something, RM.

      • It’s pretty obvious that most of the comments here are from FEDS, and the sad part of it is, you’d be an asset if you were so gung-ho about strict enforcement of the law in all cases. That would keep corruption down in DC. But the reality is, a couple of goofballs like this crash a party and you’re all uptight, like “Let’s lock ’em up!” But when people like Bush/Cheney break every law in the book to get their precious oil wars, or Ollie North and Bush/Reagan turn the country into cokehead central, you’re all “Oh, that’s OK when WE break the law, it’s just bad when YOU do it…” Exactly the reason everyone hates DC, right here up close in black and white.

  7. White House Using DinnerGate to Draw our Attention away from What Really Matters…

    I would not be surprised if the whole Party Crashing fiasco at the Obama White House's first Dignitary dinner was a planned event, to distract american's from his new world order agenda.It's all too cozy, rolling off the presses to easy, f….

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